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Expert Calculus teacher holding a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and having 4+ years of experience with school students. Offers personalized sessions, engaging classes and homework help.

About me

I'm Thalia Bennett, holding a degree in mathematics, I specialize in teaching calculus to school students. I have 4+ year of experience in helping and guiding students. With several years of teaching experience, I've honed my skills in breaking down complex concepts into digestible nuggets. I can teach Calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Pre Calculus and Multivariable Calculus.

My love affair with math goes beyond the classroom; it's a passion I'm thrilled to share. For me, every equation is a puzzle waiting to be solved, and every mathematical concept is a story waiting to unfold. It's not just about numbers; it's about the beauty and logic that underpin our mathematical universe.

I believe that everyone can excel in math with the right guidance and a sprinkle of enthusiasm. I strive to create an environment where learning is a collaborative adventure, and questions are not just welcome but encouraged.

experienceExperienced Tutor

Thalia R is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on Calculus, Calculus, Calculus 2, Pre Calculus, Calculus 1, Multivariable Calculus.

Teaching methodology

My approach involves breaking down complex concepts into digestible, relatable pieces, ensuring that every student can grasp the foundations and build from there. I encourage an interactive classroom where questions are welcomed, fostering a collaborative and supportive atmosphere. Recognizing the diverse learning styles of my students, I tailor my teaching methods to accommodate various approaches to problem-solving. Whether through visual aids, real-world applications, or hands-on activities, I aim to make abstract mathematical ideas more concrete and accessible. Additionally, I integrate technology where applicable, leveraging educational tools to enhance understanding and provide interactive learning experiences.

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Can also teach

  • Pre Calculus
  • Calculus 2
  • Calculus
  • +3 subjects more

Thalia  R - Calculus Tutor

Thalia R

tutorCalculus Tutor

Hourly rate

$ 32/hr


4+ years

Student nationalities

USA, Canada, Australia, UK

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