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A highly experienced Mathematics tutor with a Bachelor's degree in English and 6+ years of experience. Provides interactive 1-on-1 concept clearing lessons, homework help, and test prep to school and college students.

About me

Hi, my name is Holly Foster and I am from the United States. I have done my Bachelor's in English. I am a qualified Mathematics teacher. I have been teaching students for 6 years. I have taught students from Grade 8th to Grade 12th. I am well-versed in all the topics.

I have loved math since a very young age and I knew that this is something I wanna learn and pursue. I have always believed in doing what you like to do. My teaching career informally started with me helping my friends out. I realized that I loved passing the knowledge and helping students. This realization helped me become a teacher. I have great communication skills and am very passionate about helping you with your study requirements. I can help you with Test Preparation and also Homework.

experienceExperienced Tutor

Holly W is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on Math, Math, 9th Grade Math, 10th Grade Math, 12th Grade Math, 11th Grade Math.

Teaching methodology

Education is a two-way street, and I genuinely enjoy helping my students not only understand their studies but also develop a real appreciation for what they're learning!

I believe in a personalized teaching approach, tailoring my methods to match your needs. I incorporate interactive lessons and practical examples to make complex concepts more accessible. I'm here to support your learning journey and help you thrive in your studies.

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Can also teach

  • 10th Grade Math
  • 9th Grade Math
  • Math
  • +3 subjects more

Holly  W - Math Tutor

Holly W

tutorMath Tutor

Hourly rate

$ 34/hr


6+ years

Student nationalities

USA, Canada, Australia, UK

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