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Sylvan vs Time4Learning: Which Is The Best For Your Child in 2024?

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Sylvan vs Time4Learning

Are you tired of seeing your child struggle with homework? Do you find it difficult to help them with their homework because you can’t understand the concepts yourself? You’re not alone.

Many parents find themselves in this frustrating situation, which is why they turn to tutoring services, like Sylvan Learning Center and Time4Learning for help. Both services aims to improve students’ skills using different teaching approaches and methods. 

The main difference between Sylvan and Time4Learning is the delivery method. Sylvan is a traditional tutoring company that offers one-on-one or small group instruction, while Time4Learning is an online learning platform that allows students to work at their own pace and focus on the skills they need to master.

In this article, we’ll compare Sylvan vs Time4Learning and help you make an informed decision on which tutoring center is the right fit for your child.

Introduction to the debate: Sylvan vs Time4Learning

If you are considering online tutoring, the most important step is to carefully compare all your options for top online tutoring services and make an informed decision on which tutoring service is the right fit for your child.

We have analyzed the two programs Sylvan Learning Center and Time4Learning on the following parameters:

  • Subjects offered
  • Teaching methodology
  • Tutor matching process
  • Pricing and plans offered
  • Customer reviews

Sylvan vs Time4Learning: Comparison

The following table can help in easily determining which platform will be a good choice for you based on different parameters.

ParametersSylvan Learning CenterTime4Learning
Company TypePrivate tutoring companyHomeschool program- Short Video Lessons
Subjects OfferedSylvan offers personalized instruction in STEM, reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, homework support, and test preparation for college entrance and state exams.Time4Learning offers subjects such as math, language arts, science and social studies
Mode of teachingIn-person in company-owned centers and online classes.Online video lessons
Cost of tutoringSylvan Learning Center costs $40 to $100 per hour for private tutoring and STEM programs. Sylvan costs $290 per month for academic coaching or advancement classes. Sylvan learning prices for test prep are $1,199.Time4Learning is a monthly subscription plan. You can choose your plan according to what is best for you.The lowest pack is the PreK-8th which cost$24.95. and ranges up to $39.95 which is for 9th -12th grade.
Minimum purchaseThe minimum purchase is $40 per hour for private tutoring.The minimum purchase is of $24.95 per month for one kid.
Help in Tutor selection(Tutor Match)Sylvan offers small-group learning. One instructor for 3 students.Time4Learning is an online homeschool curriculum that teaches students via student-paced multimedia lessons.
Offers free trialNo No, Time4Learning doesn’t offer a free trial. Although Time4Learning offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.
Cancellation policySylvan Learning Center doesn’t mention about cancellation policy on its website. It would be helpful to call your nearest center for detailsYou can cancel your subscription anytime you want. 
RatingTrustpilot score: 3.2Trustpilot score: 4.5
Sylvan vs Time4Learning: Comparison

Understanding Sylvan Learning Center

Sylvan vs Time4Learning #1 - Sylvan

What is Sylvan?

Sylvan is a private tutoring and education company that provides personalized instruction to students of all ages and skill levels. Sylvan Learning Center offers a range of services, including academic tutoring, test preparation, STEM programs, and college admissions counseling.

Their tutoring programs are designed to help students improve their academic performance and build confidence in their abilities.

Sylvan uses a personalized approach to education, with each student receiving an individualized learning plan tailored to their specific needs and goals. Their certified teachers use a variety of teaching techniques, such as interactive technology and hands-on activities, to engage students and help them achieve their full potential.

How does Sylvan Learning Center work?

Sylvan works by providing personalized instruction to students in different subjects and areas of study.

The first step is to assess the student’s current academic level and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. This is done through the Sylvan Insight Assessment diagnostic tests, evaluations, and consultations with parents and teachers.

Based on the assessment results, a customized learning plan is created for the student. The plan outlines specific goals, objectives, and strategies to help the student improve in their targeted areas of need.

The student is then matched with a certified Sylvan teacher who provides one-on-one or small-group instruction. The teacher uses a variety of teaching methods and materials, including technology, to engage the students and help them master the subject matter.

Sylvan Learning closely monitors the student’s progress through regular assessments and progress reports. The learning plan is adjusted as needed to ensure the student is making steady progress toward their goals.

Throughout the process, Sylvan Learning maintains regular communication with parents, teachers, and the student to ensure everyone is informed and engaged in the learning process.

Subjects covered by Sylvan

Sylvan Learning offers personalized instruction in a wide range of subjects and areas of study. Here are some of the subjects and skills typically covered by Sylvan:

ReadingSylvan offers programs to help students develop strong reading skills, including phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.
WritingSylvan provides instruction in all aspects of writing, from grammar and sentence structure to essay writing and creative writing.
MathSylvan offers math programs that cover everything from basic math skills to advanced algebra, geometry, and calculus.
Test PrepSylvan provides test preparation services for a variety of exams, including the SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE, and more.
STEMSylvan offers programs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), including robotics, coding, and game design.
Study skillsSylvan provides instruction in study skills and time management techniques to help students improve their organization, focus, and productivity.
College admissionsSylvan offers college admissions counseling to help students navigate the college application process, including essay writing, test preparation, and interview skills.
Subjects covered by Sylvan

What is the cost of the Sylvan Learning Center?

The cost of Sylvan Learning Center differs based on location.

However, they offer several options based on your needs and goals. The pricing of Sylvan Learning Center is as below:

  1. Tutoring starts at $49 per hour
  2. Classes and camps start at $199
  3. ACT and SAT Prep classes start at $999

Source: Sylvan Learning Center

*Pricing info retrieved from the Sylvan website in November 2023 

Evaluating Sylvan Learning Center: Pros vs Cons

Pros Cons 
Personalized Instruction: Sylvan provides customized instruction tailored to the specific needs of each student. This approach helps ensure that students receive the support they need to build their skills and confidence. Cost: The cost of Sylvan learning vary significantly between different learning centers. 
Certified Instructors: Sylvan’s instructors are certified and trained to teach a variety of subjects, including reading, writing, math, and test preparation. This ensures that students receive quality instruction from knowledgeable and experienced teachers. Limited Availability: While Sylvan has many locations around the world, it may not be available in all areas. Students may need to travel a significant distance to access Sylvan’s services. 
Technology-Enabled Learning: Sylvan uses technology, including online tools and resources, to enhance the learning experience and engage students in the material. Learning Style: Sylvan’s teaching approach may not be suitable for all students, particularly those who require more hands-on or interactive learning experiences.
Ongoing Progress Monitoring: Sylvan closely monitors each student’s progress and adjusts their learning plan as needed to ensure they are making steady progress toward their goals. 
Flexible Scheduling: Sylvan offers flexible scheduling, including after-school and weekend sessions, to accommodate busy schedules and help students balance their academic and extracurricular activities.
Pros and Cons Of Sylvan Learning Center

Understanding Time4Learning

Sylvan vs Time4Learning #2 - Time4Learning

What is Time4Learning?

Time4Learning is a Pre-K through 12th-grade online education program that uses lessons, activities, videos, interactive assessments, and printables to teach a standards-based curriculum. 

It is available 24/7 and includes subjects such as math, language arts, science, and social studies. 

Time4Learning also offers electives which include 10 foreign languages, personal finance, art, and health.

How does Time4Learning work?

Time4Learning is a membership program, so you create an account for yourself.

Once you sign up and are logged in. You will be able to select the grade-level courses appropriate for you. You can also customize lessons and assignments as needed, right from the start. 

Subjects offered by Time4learning

Time4Learning offers subjects such as math, language arts, science, and social studies.

GradeSubject offered
Elementary and Middle School Language Arts
Social Studies (from Grade 2)
High SchoolApart from the core subjects. 15 elective subjects are offered

Environmental Science
Intro to Communications and Speech
Art History
Concepts in Probability and Statistics
Intro to Art
Computer Applications – Office 2019
Contemporary Health
Foundations of Personal Wellness
Lifetime Fitness
Strategies for Academic Success
Healthy Living
Personal Finance
Subjects offered by Time4Learning

What is the cost of Time4Learning?

Time4Learning offers monthly subscription plans.
Core Subjects: Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

Pre-K to 8th grade [Includes core subjects]High School[Includes 4 core subjects]
One child$24.95 per month$34.95 per month
Each additional child $14.95 per month$34.95 per month
Pricing of Time4Learning

*Pricing info retrieved from the Time4Learning website in November 2023 

Evaluating Time4Learning: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
All core subjects are available under one package at an affordable price.Time4Learning does not offer 1-on-1 online tutoring. It focuses on online video lessons, interactive assessments, and printables to teach the curriculum
No large upfront purchase and you can cancel at any time.The online curriculum requires a computer or device with an internet connection.
Time4Learning offers automated grading and record-keeping which saves time. Parents receive concrete information on the students’ homeschool performance.Account must be kept active to access records. Although the records can be downloaded and saved for future reference.
Pros and Cons of Time4Learning

Sylvan vs Time4Learning: which is right for your child?

Sylvan and Time4Learning are both popular online tutoring programs that can help students improve their skills in a variety of subjects. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms that may make one a better fit for you than the other.

Sylvan is a good option if you are looking for:

  • One-on-one or small group tutoring with certified teachers
  • A program that can help you improve your scores on standardized tests

Time4Learning is a good option if you are looking for:

  • A self-paced program that offers a variety of subjects
  • A program that uses videos, interactive lessons, and practice problems to help you learn new concepts

Sylvan vs Time4Learning – the best platform for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are not sure which platform is right for you, you may want to try both of them out and see which one you prefer.

Sylvan Learning Center vs Time4Learning cost

Although the pricing of both the program varies by location but here is an overview of the Sylvan vs Time4Learning cost comparison.

Sylvan Learning Center Time4Learning
Personalized tutoring: $40 – $100 per hourPre-K to 8th grade [Includes core subjects]
One child – $24.95 per month
Each additional child – $14.95 per month
Academic coaching: $290 per month and upHigh School[Includes 4 core subjects]
One child – $34.95 per month
Each additional child – $34.95 per month
Advancement classes and camps: $290 per month and up
Sylvan Learning Center vs Time4Learning

Why you should consider Wiingy for 1-on-1 online tutoring instead?

So far, we have compared Sylvan and Time4Learniing and explored their unique tutoring programs. However, before deciding on a tutoring service for yourself or your child, there is another better and affordable option to consider Wiingy.


The Wiingy platform offers 1-on-1 online tutoring to school, college, and adult students through its network of 1,000+ expert-vetted tutors for coding, math, science, computer science, AP, and 100+ subjects.  

Over 20,000 students have used Wiingy for private tutoring, homework help, assignment help, language learning, homeschool tutoring, and test prep. Students and parents have consistently rated the Wiingy experience as 4.8 out of 5. 

Unlike tutor marketplaces, each Wiingy tutor is vetted individually and undergoes an extensive assessment that includes interviews, mock lessons, and coding tests. 

Less than 3% of applicants are selected to become tutors on Wiingy’s platform. This means that you work only with top verified, qualified, and experienced tutors

An experienced tutor will be able to create a structured lesson plan customized to your pace and learning style. You will also get access to study materials, notes, practice materials, and exam strategies to help accelerate your learning. 

We know that sometimes you don’t want to pay for private tutoring because it is too expensive. Tutoring costs anywhere from $100 to $150 per hour which isn’t reasonable at all.

However, Wiingy’s rates are affordable, starting from just $28 per hour, much lower than the average tutoring offered by other platforms.

We don’t require you to sign up for packages or subscriptions, so you can pay for lessons as you need them. We also offer a free trial lesson so you can try out our service before you commit

While we try to match you with the perfect tutor per your needs, we understand that sometimes, even the best tutors might not be the right fit for you. 

This is why we offer you the Perfect Match Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your tutor for any reason, you can request a replacement tutor at no additional cost.

Lastly, if you do not wish to continue our services, we offer you a no-questions-asked full refund for your unused lessons with us. 

In addition, we have 24/7 instant support from a personal student success advisor. You can contact your advisor via chat or phone if you have any questions, whether it’s about your lessons, your tutor, payments, or if you are looking to explore any other subject.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the differences between Sylvan Learning and Time4Learning?

Sylvan Learning is a one-on-one tutoring program, while Time4Learning is an online learning platform.
Sylvan Learning is more expensive than Time4Learning.
Sylvan Learning is more flexible, as students can choose their own schedules and locations.
Time4Learning is more convenient, as students can access the program from anywhere with an internet connection.

Which is better for my child?

The best program for your child will depend on their individual needs and preferences. If your child is struggling in a particular subject and needs one-on-one attention, Sylvan Learning may be a good option. If your child is looking for a more flexible and convenient way to learn, Time4Learning may be a better choice.

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