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coding for kids
Coding for kids

Coding for Kids [Complete Guide for Parents] – 2023 Update

In today’s technologically advanced world, learning to code is among the most important skills. Coding teaches problem-solving skills. There are currently several ed-tech platforms available worldwide like Wiingy that provide youngsters with a variety of online coding courses that they may take from the comfort of their homes. These courses

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Coding Toys for Kids
Coding for kids

11 Best Coding Toys for Kids [Ages 4 to 12]

Who said learning how to code is hard and daunting? Learning to code can definitely be fun and interactive with coding games, apps, and toys to help beginners, especially kids learn how to code by creating creative and fun projects. In this blog, we will list the 11 best coding

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coding games for kids
Coding for kids

10+ Free Coding Games for Kids | Learn to Code and Play

Encouraging your kids to learn to code is a great way to develop their team-building and computational skills. Learning coding in the early stages improves their comprehensive understanding of the basics of coding. Kids who are strong in basics can easily crack complicated tasks. Coding gives the confidence to face

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Coding competition for beginners
Coding for kids

Coding Competition for Beginners | Top 10 Free Coding Contests for Kids

Coding competition for beginners is the solving of coding problems with the help of algorithms and data designed for beginners. It is usually under numerous constraints and rules. Competitive coding is likely to be under a time limit, memory-based, space-based, etc. This is a complex exercise and involves pre-requisite knowledge

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Python Coding for Kids
Coding for kids

Learn Python for Kids With Free Resources and Books!

Python is the coding language of the future. It is expected to grow more in demand in the upcoming time. Learning Python is no longer only for IT professionals to grow in their careers. It is also becoming essential for kids to learn too. Learning Python will give kids an

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Chromebook for Coding
Coding for kids

Chromebook for Coding | 8 Chromebook Coding Software

Chromebook for Coding: Google has come out with Chromebook, a tablet, or a laptop. It operates on a Linux-based Chrome OS. It was a strictly web-based tool at the beginning, where all its functions were facilitated by Google Chrome. But now, it can support Linux-based and Android apps. Chromebook has

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Our experimental learning methodology enables students to learn and apply principles of maths,science,coding & design to create exciting digital & physical experiences – games, animation, stories & real robots.

Students use our propprietary software and hardware building platform – Wiingy Studio to build their creations. Wiingy works with highly qualified instructors to deliver the courses in small group & private formats. Parents have consistently rated the teaching experience as 4.8/5.

Our curriculum covers core foundation subjects such as Maths and Science and a spectrum of innovative courses such as Robotics, Coding, Design, AI & IoT.

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