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A skilled and qualified Computer Science tutor for with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and 7+ years of work experience. Provides interactive 1-on-1 concept clearing lessons, homework help, and test prep to school and college students.

About me

I'm Isolde Foster, a qualified Computer Science teacher. I have my Bachelor's in Computer Science and have 7+ years of experience in teaching and guiding school and college students. I specialize in teaching Computer Networks, Information Technology, CSS, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Structures.

I have a genuine love for computers, data, and coding. I have done a lot of in-depth studies in these fields by taking up different courses and also working in the industry gaining hands-on experience.

When I am not teaching, I am on my computer trying to figure out and learn something new.

experienceExperienced Tutor

Isolde S is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Networks, Data Structures, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence.

Teaching methodology

Interactive learning is at the core of my teaching methods. Students are encouraged to participate in discussions, ask questions, and collaborate on hands-on activities. Coding exercises and projects are woven into the curriculum to provide practical experience and reinforce theoretical knowledge. I believe that doing is a powerful way of learning in the world of computer science.

Recognizing that students have different learning styles, I employ a variety of teaching techniques. Visual aids, interactive simulations, and demonstrations complement traditional lectures, ensuring that the material is presented in ways that cater to diverse preferences. Additionally, I leverage technology tools and educational software to enhance the learning experience, making the content more accessible and interesting.

Feedback is crucial for improvement, so I regularly assess student understanding through quizzes, assignments, and project evaluations. This allows me to tailor my teaching to address specific challenges and ensure that every student is progressing.

Levels Taught Upto




Can also teach

  • Data Structures
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Science
  • +3 subjects more

Isolde  S - Computer Science Tutor

Isolde S

tutorComputer Science Tutor

Hourly rate

$ 34/hr


7+ years

Student nationalities

USA, Canada, Australia, UK

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