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Accomplished Python educator boasting 2+ years of tutoring prowess. Delivers individualized instruction, test prep sessions, and homework support. Implements interactive techniques to create immersive and stimulating learning.


I am Nicholas, a Software Engineer who specializes in building full-stack web apps. Currently, I am part of a team working on React Relay, an open-source visualization tool for React applications, where I’m responsible for implementing AST traversal logic for gathering application-specific data, among other things.

I have a passion for learning and teaching. I love to explain the latest techniques and formulas to my students and help them with a brighter future.

I have been tutoring students since my college days, so I have around 2 years of experience in teaching high school students.

experienceExperienced Tutor

Nicholas C is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on Python, Computer Science, CSS, Artificial Intelligence, Coding.

Teaching methodology

In my Python tutoring approach, simplicity and effectiveness are paramount. I start by introducing Python concepts in a straightforward manner, ensuring clarity and understanding from the get-go. Through interactive learning, I engage students with practical coding exercises and examples, fostering hands-on experience to reinforce their comprehension. Continuous practice is key, and I encourage students to immerse themselves in coding to solidify their skills. Regular feedback and guidance are provided to address any mistakes and guide them towards improvement. I make sure to emphasize the real-world relevance of Python, illustrating its applications in various industries to inspire and motivate students. Beyond our sessions, I encourage exploration and self-directed learning, empowering students to delve deeper into Python's capabilities. Most importantly, I celebrate their progress and achievements, nurturing their confidence and passion for programming along the way.

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Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

Can also teach

  • Coding
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • CSS
  • Computer Science

Nicholas C - Python Tutor

Nicholas C

tutorPython Tutor

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2+ years

Students Taught


Student nationalities

USA, Canada, Australia, UK

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