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Online Tutoring for Homeschooling: Benefits and Strategies

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online tutoring for homeschooling

Wondering how online tutoring supports homeschooling? With online tutoring, homeschoolers can access a convenient, flexible, affordable, and personalized education. 

What is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring refers to providing educational instruction or support to students remotely over the Internet. 

It involves a tutor or educator using various online tools and platforms to deliver personalized learning experiences to students in real time.

If you are a parent, you must analyze your child’s preferences and choose a tutoring platform that well serves their needs.

And continue reading to learn the benefits of online tutoring for homeschooling.

Benefits of online tutoring for homeschooling:

The table below illustrates how online tutoring supports homeschooling. Have a look!

BenefitsHow online tutoring supports homeschooling:
Flexibility and convenienceAbility to choose suitable schedules
No commuting is required
Personalized learning experienceOne-to-one attention from tutors
Tailored homeschool curriculum and instruction.
Cost-effective access to expert tutorsWide range of subject expertise 
Qualified tutors from around the worldLess expensive than in-person homeschooling
Enhanced learning opportunitiesInteractive and engaging sessions
Utilization of multimedia resources
Improved academic performanceIndividualized support and feedback
Progress tracking and assessment 
Benefits of online tutoring in homeschooling 

Flexibility and convenience 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adolescents obtain 9 or 10 hours of sleep daily. However, according to SADD and Liberty mutual studies, many teens don’t get enough sleep due to tight schedules. 6% of middle school students and 20 to 30% of high school students fall asleep during school hours. 

The inconvenience does not end here; deficient sleep patterns contribute to depression, migraines, obesity, and poor academic performance among students.

Finding time to schedule a tutoring session is challenging when homeschoolers have so much to perform each day.

This is where online tutoring supports homeschooling. Online teachers are a lot more practical and convenient to learn with. Online tutoring works well with even the busiest schedules. You have the desired flexibility in education.

  1. Ability to choose suitable schedules 
  • Tutoring students online rather than in person is undeniably a better option for busy students.
  • Some homeschoolers participate in extracurricular activities. It becomes difficult for them to organize their schedule with in-person homeschool tutors. On the other hand, online tutoring allows you to choose a study schedule that suits your routine.
  1. No commuting is required. 
  • Imagine being a student in a last-minute crisis that prevented you from reaching the classroom on time. In comparison, you won’t experience this issue with online tutoring. You only need an internet connection and a device to start your learning process.

Personalized learning experience 

Flexible scheduling helps in personalizing the learning experience. Since the students and teachers interact in small group sessions or on a one-to-one basis, online tutors have enough time to dedicate to each student personally. 

1. One-on-one attention from tutors 

  • Quality one-to-one online tutoring platforms like Wyzant, Wiingy, and Varsity enable personal guidance from online tutors. 
  • Online tutoring promotes one-on-one attention between tutors and students. This personalized attention allows tutors to understand the student’s individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. 
  • Tutors can customize their teaching methods and materials to suit every student’s needs, ensuring a practical learning experience.

2. Tailored Homeschool curriculum and instruction 

  • When students join online tutoring for homeschooling, they get instructions tailored to their needs. Thus, it is quick and easy for them to comprehend their lessons.
  • Online tutoring may include certain advanced subjects, which are typically not included in the standard homeschooling curriculum of a place. Exposure to diverse subjects opens doors for unconventional paths to success.

Cost-effective access to expert tutors 

It’s challenging to find a high-skilled teacher that fits your budget. Moreover, you want to choose a tutor who matches your child’s interests and study needs. Well, then, all you must do is search for reliable online tutoring platforms.

1. Wide range of subject expertise 

  • Online tutoring platforms often have a vast network of tutors specializing in distinct subjects. Students can connect with qualified tutors who possess expertise in a specific subject. 
  • Whether in elementary school mathematics, science, languages, or any other discipline, students can find tutors with extensive knowledge in their desired field.

2. Qualified tutors from around the world

  • There are many skilled and experienced teachers worldwide. However, only online tutoring can open doors of interaction with these teachers. In-person homeschooling will only lead you to local tutors.
  • For instance, you may want to study robotics but lack a qualified instructor in your neighborhood. Instead, you may look for online robotics classes.

3. Less expensive than in-person homeschooling

  • In online tutoring, you save the travel costs and some of the additional costs that build up during in-person homeschooling. 
  • Besides, online tutors often charge almost half the cost of in-person tutors.

Enhanced learning opportunities 

The main agenda of homeschooling is to boost learners’ knowledge and creativity. Online tutoring allows your child to think beyond classroom and school traditions. The child faces a camera, speaks up for individual needs, and so on. The learning opportunities in online tutoring enhance the learner’s intellect.

1. Interactive and engaging sessions 

  • Kayla Good, a Ph.D. candidate studying developmental psychology, says that a recent study suggests most students hesitate to ask questions to their teachers in in-person classes. A student will feel at ease while asking a question to the teacher remotely.
  • The remote learning platform serves as a comfortable and interactive space.

2. Utilisation of multimedia resources

  • Online videos, audio, and content help students understand their lessons through visual demonstration.
  • Online tutoring allows teachers to organize virtual workshops for students. The students interact and establish their opinions in the webinars. This helps students gain a realistic understanding of their lessons.

Progress tracking and assessment 

Online tutors help the child improve their academic performance so that they’re fully prepared for the exam. The students who receive online tutoring will learn to face actual exams and assessments.

  1. Monitoring student’s academic growth
  • You will always be able to monitor your child by looking at their online test results. Furthermore, online instructors remark on the students to the parents or refer to it in the website’s dashboard.
  1. Practicing for real exams
  • The tutors help the students solve various queries, challenging puzzles, time management, and test preparation. Students have exam anxiety in any environment, and a tutor can assist them in getting over it.

Strategies for effective online tutoring for homeschooling?

After understanding how online tutoring supports homeschooling, implementing these strategies will help you find an effective online tutoring platform for homeschooling. 

Strategies:What to do?
Choose the right online tutoring platformResearch and compare platforms
Consider features like one-to-one video conferencing and shared whiteboards
Set clear learning objectivesIdentify specific learning goals
Have a structured learning plan
Select qualified and compatible tutorsEvaluate the teacher’s qualifications and experience
Ensure compatibility with the homeschool philosophy 
Prioritize communication and collaborationCommunicate regularly with tutors
Encourage interrogation and feedback
Choose online tutoring with relevant resourcesHave relevant educational materials
Access online learning tools
Monitor progress and adjust as neededVerify tutors track academic progress
Ensure tutors make necessary adaptations
Strategies for effective online tutoring for homeschooling

Choose the right online tutoring platform 

There are various possibilities for online learning. As a parent, first, find a reliable online tutoring platform to select the perfect tutor for your child. Experiment with their free demo sessions and see what works for your child. Besides, don’t forget to, 

1. Research and compare platforms 

  • Ensure you select the appropriate platform depending on the subject’s needs. 
  • Deep dive into their study methodology and the services offered.

2. Consider features like one-to-one video conferencing and shared whiteboards

  • Choose a high-quality program that uses interactive and note-taking tools and provides feedback and assessments.
  • Be sure they use well-known programs or websites for their lectures, such as Google Meet or Zoom, which offer tools like video conferencing, screen sharing, shared whiteboards, and many more.

Set clear learning objectives 

Discovering your child’s preferred learning style will help you choose the ideal program. It’s essential to consider the learner’s goals and interests. Start exploring tutoring platforms in case you are still deciding where to begin. Accordingly,

1. Identify specific learning goals 

  • As a guardian, you must first be confident about your child’s goals or the education you wish them to pursue. Only then must you look for and purchase the necessary courses. 

2. Have a structured learning plan 

  • Don’t just settle for anything. Be specific. Look for strategic courses and individualized classes. 
  • The homeschool plan should have proper learning steps, not a hit-miss trial. Difficult lessons must follow easier ones.

Select qualified and compatible tutors 

Verify the credentials of your online homeschooling tutors. There are a lot of available online instructors, but not all of them are qualified. Do not purchase without fact-checking. You must, 

1. Evaluate tutors’ qualifications and experience

  • Look for qualified tutors on online platforms who hold authentic degrees.
  • See that the online tutoring platforms verify the teachers’ qualifications, experience, and tutoring methods before allotting them to you.

2. Ensure compatibility with the homeschooling philosophy 

  • Accredited online tutors must ensure the lessons align with homeschool concepts. 
  • They should also comprehend and apply homeschooling methods to teach the students.

Prioritize communication and collaboration 

Students must be allowed to express themselves freely. Online tutors must motivate students by initiating wise and inspiring conversations throughout the course. Doing so breaks the wall of hesitation between teachers and students and induces effective communication between the two. Hence, you must:

1. Ensure friendly communication with tutors

  • You can constantly interact with an online tutor to explain the comfort and discomforts of your child.
  • See that online tutors maintain a friendly and proficient interaction with their students. Tutors must analyze the student’s behavior and communicate accordingly.
  • Look for teachers who allow their students to state their doubts frankly and brainstorm with them.

2. Encourage interrogation and feedback

  • Ensure the online tutor questions their students in online classes. Ask your child to keep the front camera on during conversations. This establishes a sense of responsibility and confidence in children.
  • Online tutors should report their children’s progress and studies to parents. Reach out to them whenever in need.

Choose online tutoring with relevant resources 

Research guides, study materials, notes, mock test activities, and other learning tools facilitate advanced learning among homeschooling students. You must choose an online tutoring platform that supports homeschooling with these resources. Thus, 

1. Look for relevant educational materials 

  • Tutors must provide self-made notes after explaining each chapter or topic.

2. Get access to online learning tools

  • Students must work on projects and assignments using online tools or features like MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and so on.

Monitor progress and adjust as needed 

Knowing whether or not tutors track their student’s progress is crucial. Besides, they must make constructive changes in their teaching style if it accelerates a student’s growth. Therefore, always,

1. Verify tutors track academic progress 

  • In online homeschooling, the teachers must monitor students’ learning skills, confidence, and behavior toward studies. They must ensure to bring improvement in each student’s academics.

2. Ensure tutors make necessary adaptations 

  • Each tutor has a different teaching or homeschooling strategy. However, they must make essential modifications that align with the student’s individual understanding.

How to overcome challenges in online tutoring for homeschooling?

You may come across a couple of challenges in online tutoring. Go through the guide below to overcome them.

Challenges Troubleshooting
Technical difficulties and troubleshootingGetting a reliable internet connection and equipment
Troubleshooting common technical problems
Maintaining student motivation and engagementIncorporating interactive learning
Recognizing and addressing learning challenges
Balancing Independence and Academic SupportFostering self-directed learning skills
Providing necessary guidance
Overcoming challenges in online tutoring for homeschooling

Technical difficulties and troubleshooting

A poor network, insufficient internet access, and technical glitches cause distractions in class. One thing you must do is have patience. Do not rush and panic. Use the guidelines below to resolve common problems.

1. Get a reliable internet connection and equipment 

  • Poor network connections are the main barrier to online tutoring for homeschooling. While learning or teaching, both teachers and students frequently have network problems. 
  • You must attend the lessons in a decent network location and look for a dependable network connection. One must-have is a Wi-Fi connection.

2. Troubleshoot common technical issues 

  • Sometimes, technical problems with the links or the programs aren’t fixed immediately. Accessing two or more links and apps simultaneously results in technical issues, and the device lags. Hence, work with one connection at a time and close unnecessary tabs. 
  • Sit at a stable location. If the issues persist, try reopening the devices.

Maintain student motivation and engagement 

Another challenge is keeping up the students ’ interest and enthusiasm in learning throughout the class. Monotonous lectures, lack of activities, and weak comprehension divert a student from the lessons. Here’s how to solve this:

1. Incorporate interactive learning

  • See that online tutors conduct webinars, contests, and counseling sessions to build students’ confidence and maximize their potential.

2. Recognize and address learning challenges 

  • You must discuss the concerns with your child and help them recognize their roadblocks. 
  • Make sure the tutors take enough time to sort out the issues and help their students grow individually.

Balance independence and academic support 

Neither spoon feeding nor forcing the child to help themself, even when the situation is demanding, is appreciated. The tutor must draw a balance. Thus, as a parent, you must ensure:

1. Fostering self-directed learning skills 

  • Online tutors explain how to research and solve their doubts to their students. The teacher must give your child enough room to self-experiment and learn with their experience.

2. Providing necessary guidance

  • Allowing a child to brainstorm and find self-directed ways to improve and learn is crucial. However, it is not recommended to pressure a child to do everything alone. 
  • The online tutor must give you essential guidance and an explanation of a topic before you research the same. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is online tutoring, and how does it support homeschooling? 

A: Online tutoring refers to educating students remotely through the Internet. It involves one-on-one or small group sessions conducted in real-time using video conferencing, instant messaging, or virtual whiteboards. Online tutoring supports homeschooling in the following ways: 
It offers personalized instruction tailored to the student’s specific needs and learning style. 
Online tutoring can help homeschooling parents hire professional educators, fill knowledge gaps, and provide a systematic learning experience.
Often, online tutoring serves as a more affordable and accessible mode of homeschooling.

What challenges should I know when implementing online homeschool tutoring?

A: The hurdles you must be aware of are: 
Students and tutors might face technical issues in online tutoring due to poor Internet connection or weak devices.
Tutors might have difficulty maintaining student engagement during classes due to physical absence.
Teachers may not understand what’s happening in the child’s mind due to the lack of physical cues.

Can online tutoring help homeschooled students prepare for standardized tests? 

Yes, online tutoring assists homeschooled children in preparing for formal examinations by giving them customized instruction and examination tips. The tutors also make practice materials specially designed for the type of test they will take.

Can online tutoring help homeschoolers with complex subjects?

Yes, having an online tutor gives you the benefit of learning from professionals having high academic skills. Homeschooling tutors assist the students in navigating challenging subjects and deepening their understanding.

How does online tutoring offer a personalized learning experience for homeschoolers? 

A: Online tutoring offers a modified classroom where instructors may customize their instruction and study materials to meet homeschooling students’ particular demands and learning preferences.

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