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10 Benefits of Online Tutoring for High School Students

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Online tutoring in today’s digital space has brought about a significant change in education. It has changed the way students receive academic support outside traditional classroom learning. 

But what are the advantages of online tutoring? 

How do we believe in the effectiveness of online tutoring?

Online tutoring helps students with a flexible, convenient, and safe learning environment, access to expert tutors worldwide irrespective of their physical location, affordable pricing, and services such as exam prep, test prep, homework help, conceptual understanding, and more.

Here are the detailed benefits of online tutoring for high school students along with proven impact.

Online tutoring has a flexible scheduling

The flexibility offered by online tutoring for high school students is one of its primary advantages. Online tutoring allows students to customize their learning schedule depending on their availability and preferences. Students and tutors can discuss and decide their study schedule mutually.

Unlike traditional face-to-face tutoring, online sessions can be planned at times convenient for high school students. This flexibility enables students to manage their academic schoolwork with extracurricular activities, part-time employment, or other tasks.

Online tutoring saves travel time and cost

Furthermore, unlike in-person tutoring, online tutoring does not have geographical limits. They aren’t limited to traveling to the tutoring center. High school students may communicate with teachers from anywhere in the world, gaining access to various skills. 

It frees up transportation time and cost. Thereby allowing students to spend that time studying or carrying out other activities. 

Online tutoring allows access to top tutors from across the globe

Online tutoring allows students to access expert tutors who may not be available locally, ensuring they receive high-quality education tailored to their requirements.

Students can connect with expert tutors from anywhere in the world, regardless of their geographical location. This is especially beneficial for high school students looking for tutors in specialized subjects or who need help from tutors with experience teaching students from different cultures.

Online tutoring keeps students and tutors safe from infections

COVID-19 is the most relatable example of how online learning can save students from contagious diseases and infections. Several infectious illnesses can spread when students come in physical contact with one another or the tutor. 

For example, if a student has a viral fever, flu, or cold, they can study from home, saving other students and tutors from the infection. This is very beneficial for students with low immune systems. 

Online tutoring ensures fewer absences

High school is a very critical phase of a student’s life. Absences due to strikes, protests, and diseases can lead to falling behind. 

Online tutoring can be conducted from any place and time. Students won’t miss classes because of strikes, protests, and other conditions that stop them from traveling to the learning center.

Now that you know online tutoring reduces the chances of catching infections via other students or tutors, students are less likely to fall sick. This, in turn, ensures fewer absence rates in classrooms. 

Online tutoring is cheaper than in-person tutoring

Online tutoring is typically much cheaper than in-person tutoring, with rates ranging from $20 to $60 per hour. Whereas in-person tutoring costs $60 to $100 per hour. 

You can connect with a quality online tutor by spending as little as $30 per hour. 

Students can also get online tutoring services for a few months before their examinations without having to enroll in monthly or yearly in-person coaching programs that are heavy on pocket.

Online tutors can be evaluated based on reviews and ratings

Multiple learning platforms typically provide reviews, ratings, and feedback from previous users. Students can leverage these insights to assess tutors’ and platforms’ reputation, credibility, and quality of the tutors. This information helps students make informed decisions and select platforms with a strong track record of successful tutoring experiences for high school students.

Online tutors incorporate progress tracking 

Many online tutoring platforms offer tools for tracking progress and setting learning goals. Tutors use assessment and quiz tools to monitor and identify areas of improvement and set specific targets for their students, customized to their own learning pace. 

This tracking mechanism provides a sense of accomplishment and motivation as students witness their progress over time.

Online tutoring is more comfortable and convenient

The convenience of online Learning is a distinct advantage provided to high school students. 

Students may study from the comfort of their homes. This comfortable setting helps improve focus and reduces mental discomfort or interruptions, making it the ideal learning environment. 

Further, it eliminates the need for parents to make transportation arrangements or change their schedules to make time for tutoring sessions. 

Online tutoring offers 24/7 support

Online tutoring sessions typically involve real-time communication with the tutor through chat or video conferencing tools. Students no longer have to visit the tutor to clear doubts. This allows students to receive immediate feedback on their progress, ask questions, and seek clarification on challenging topics whenever needed.

Students can connect with an online tutor from anywhere, anytime. The tutor’s presence and guidance in real-time ensure that students remain on track and can adjust their learning pace accordingly.

How effective is online tutoring? [Proven studies]

Why should you believe in the effectiveness of online tutoring? Just because the article says so? No! Here are 10 strong proofs that prove the effectiveness of online tutoring.

  • U.S. Department of Education (2010): A meta-analysis of 51 studies comparing online and face-to-face instruction across various subjects and grade levels showed that students who received online tutoring performed slightly better than those who received in-person tutoring, with a small but statistically significant advantage for online tutoring.
  • Bramble Survey: This survey found that a staggering 84% of the students who participated reported that online tutoring surpassed the effectiveness of in-person tuition.
  • Duffin (2019): A survey revealed that 52% of graduate students in the U.S. believed that their online college-level education offered a superior learning experience compared to their classroom education.
  • University of Potomac: 70% of students said that online classes are a better alternative to the traditional classroom setting.
  • Bay Atlantic University: Over 63% of students at this university choose online learning because it suits their time schedule better.
  • US News: Rosemary Garabedian, the head of the Student Access Office at Adelphi, mentioned that students facing challenges in moving might find online classes more manageable.
  • America’s Education News: This source posts the story of Maxwell’s children suffering from autism and anxiety. The Maxwells, who have three kids aged 9, 11, and 15, are among the many families in the U.S. who tried virtual learning for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic and are continuing with it now. Maxwell and her children mainly benefitted from the personalized online tutoring approach, which even their special schools failed to provide.
  • Information Systems Education Journal (ISEDJ): This journal published a study stating that online tutoring can benefit students with different learning styles by tailoring study plans according to their learning preferences.
  • Phys.org (2020): Oreopoulos and his colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of 96 randomized controlled trials of tutoring programs that span three decades. They found that students randomly selected to receive tutoring in math or English outperformed their peers more than 80 percent of the time, and half the studies in the analysis revealed very large effects.
  • Scientific American (2020): Studies show tutoring is a highly effective tool. Preliminary evidence suggests that virtual tutoring models may produce the same benefits as in-person tutoring.

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What are the disadvantages of online tutoring?

The benefits of online tutoring come at the cost of technical challenges. Students need mobile phones, laptops, or tablets to study online. They will also need a stable internet connection or Wi-Fi. However, this is a one-time investment and can be covered over time.

Besides, the lack of physical interaction makes it difficult to use online tutoring for practical classes, including scientific experiments, music, dance, arts, etc.


Online tutoring makes life easier for high school students. It is flexible, convenient, budget-friendly, and effective for student’s academics. Online tutoring has changed the lives of many learners with special learning needs and different learning styles. However, online tutoring has its own challenges, such as technical challenges and lack of physical presence. Nevertheless, the advantages of online tutoring have proven its effectiveness repeatedly.

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