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Data Science Enthusiast with Proficiency in Python, RStudio, PowerBI, Tableau and more. Get 1-on-1 Coding Lessons

About me

My name is Rahul Lath and I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and teaching experience to the table. Currently pursuing a Bachelors' Degree in Computer Applications, and have a deep passion for programming and data science. I believe that self-learning is an essential part of developing your skills in these fields. While college courses can certainly be helpful, I believe that much of the learning that takes place in these fields comes from hands-on experience and self-directed learning. In my experience, the online learning environment allowed me to work at my own pace and customize my learning to fit my individual needs and interests. By using various online resources such as coding platforms, interactive exercises, and tutorials, I was able to develop a deep understanding of the concepts and practices of Python and data science, in a more effective manner. I understand that not everyone learns best in a traditional classroom environment, and I want to ensure that my students have access to the resources and support they need to succeed in their own unique ways. Whether you're a visual learner who benefits from interactive exercises or a more hands-on learner who enjoys working on projects, I am committed to working with you to find the learning style and resources that work best for you.

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Rahul L is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on Python, Python, Data Science, HTML, Java, XML.

Teaching methodology

As a student myself, my teaching methodology is rather different. I believe in a hands-on approach to learning programming and other computer related subjects. The approach is student-centric and project-based, as learning the entire theory based on the college curriculum will not make someone a proficient developer. I am always available to answer questions and provide feedback to students who are working on their own projects and assignments. Whether you are trying to build a new algorithm or analyze a complex dataset, I am here to provide guidance and support along the way.

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  • HTML
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Rahul L - Python Tutor

Rahul L

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USA, Canada, Australia, UK

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