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Best YouTube Channels to Learn Java [Top 12]

Written by Swarnim Sinha

Updated on: 04 Jul 2024

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In a wide tapestry of software development, Java has contributed a major chunk to revolutionizing the coding ecosystem. Java does the backend work in powering the Artificial Intelligence (AI) application through its unique features, creating large-scale and high-performance systems. All software professionals see one thing in common: knowledge of Java and various programming languages.

What is Java? 

In simple words, Java is a programming language that is feasible to understand for both the user and the computer. It follows the principle of Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA). This means that compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation.

It came into existence in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, which Oracle Operations later acquired. Since then it has become one of the most popularly used programming languages worldwide increasing the demand for Java tutoring. Some basic features that entail Java are object orientation, platform independence, a vast comprehensive standard library, automatic memory management, security, community, and ecosystem. 

Why Choose YouTube to Learn Java?

YouTube as a platform provides access to a gamut of domains, especially for free! YouTube is a win-win situation for either type of user: the one who posts and the one who receives. Most programmers do not opt for tutoring instead, they choose to learn by themselves. Those who do not want to spend much on online courses are generally inclined towards YouTube, the most feasible way to learn Java programming. 

For visual representation, users can watch the video tutorials for a better understanding of different patterns of learning and easy demonstration. Engagement is another essential factor in why people go to YouTube. In this scenario, some certified YouTubers adopt peculiar styles of teaching.

Most importantly, YouTube provides flexibility and easy accessibility, as mentioned before. One can learn at their own pace and revisit the channel or that particular video at their discretion. YouTube’s credibility relies on credible channels consistently posting reliable content. Therefore, here are some overtly reliable Java YouTube channels. 

List of Best YouTube Channels to Learn Java

Name Subscribers Views Total number of videos Average length of the video 
edureka!4.03M419M11,2141 hour
Derek Banas1.29M120M123315 min
Programming with Mosh3.87M198M21215-30 min
Bro Code1.79M89M68210-15min
FreeCodeCamp9.43M707M6202-3 hours 
Java Brains662K132M168215min
Caleb Curry615K50M174210min
Coding with John330K15M9215-20min
Alex Lee403K15M13010-15min
Best java YouTube Channels

12 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Java


best YouTube channel to learn Java # 1- Telusko

Telusko is the name of the YouTube Channel with the highest rating among all the channels teaching Java. It offers an array of videos based on Java, Python, and Blockchain and their implementations—the best platform to learn practical and explanatory coding skills. Navin Reddy, the founder, is an acclaimed developer, corporate trainer, and, YouTuber.

Java and blockchain are his forte. Telusko caters to both beginners and advanced programmers, teaching over 10 forms of Java. It makes sure that the viewers grasp the theory completely ahead of coding, as the channel is popular for simplifying complex programming concepts. 

  • Started: April 19, 2014
  • Subscribers: 2.28M                           
  • No. of videos: 1,951                           
  • Views: 271,690,288
  • Video frequency: 3-4 videos a month (might vary)
  • Average duration: 10 min
  • Country: India


best YouTube channel to learn Java # 2- edureka

Edureka is another credible Java YouTube channel offering an e-learning platform as well. They produce one of the longest video content, the list consists of videos with over 10 hours long time duration. They provide sample classes and lectures from industry practitioners and influencers. The research team curates content on trending topics in Java, Big Data & Hadoop, DevOps, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Python, AWS Architect, Digital Marketing etc. 

Edureka specializes in addressing instructor-led classes and round-the-clock on-demand assistance.   The emphasis of Edureka! is on industry-relevant skills, so students get important knowledge.

Regardless of level of experience, it offers insightful information for Java developers.

  • Run by: Lovleen Bhatia, (B. Tech)  
  • Started: June 29, 2019  
  • Subscribers: 4.03M   
  • No. of videos: 11,214
  • Views: 419,411,948
  • Video frequency: Avg of 3 videos daily
  • Average duration: 3 min video, 1 hour tutorials
  • Country: India    


best YouTube channels to learn Java #3 - thenewboston

The channel includes topics like Python, Java and, C++ and is run by Bucky Roberts, an IT professional with expertise in web development. The videos come with uncommon features of affability and approachable teaching style. 

While it is a great channel, I recommend supplementing it with more resources like textbooks or official PDFs online to get a lucid understanding of Java courses.

  • Started:  February 4, 2008
  • Subscribers: 2.68M
  • No. of videos: 4,473
  • Views: 503,294,077
  • Frequency of videos: weekly, 1 video 
  • Average duration: 10min
  • Country: United States

Derek Banas

best YouTube channels to learn Java #4 - derek banas

One of the most well-liked mainstream YouTube channels with over a million followers, Derek Banas teaches the fundamentals of programming and other technical subjects. is worth recommending because of its content and easy-to-grasp experience. 

The eminent characteristic that stands out with Derek Banas is that he creates original videos on the demand of the audiences and their preferred areas of learning, which emphasizes engagement with the users. Java programming’s playlist consists of 94 videos and each video summarizes the previous video in laymen’s terms. If one follows the playlist one step at a time, at the end of it, one will have enough knowledge about Java fundamentals.

Derek Banas is an all-arounder who covers every topic under the sun.

  • Started: August 12, 2008  
  • Subscribers: 1.29M
  • No. of videos: 1,233
  • Views: 120,830,771
  • Video frequency: 1 in one month
  • Average duration: short- 15min, long- 1-2 hours
  • Country: United States

Programming with Mosh

best YouTube channels to learn Java #5 - programming with mosh

Mosh Hamedani is a well-known figure in the community of programming which runs ‘Programming with Mosh’, yet another sought-after YouTube channel. The highlight of the channel is that it creates comprehensive tutorials on Java programming.

The hands-on deliverance approach with real-time examples allows viewers to see how basic concepts of Java are used in practice, understanding and, retention. Programming with Mosh offers an unconfined interactive community where audiences are seen sharing comments, insights, etc. 

Another tiny detail is that Mosh creates high-quality videos, sharp audio and, well-designed visuals. 

  • Started: October 7, 2014
  • Subscribers: 3.87M                             
  • No. of videos: 211
  • Views: 198,298,101
  • Frequency of videos: 2 videos per month 
  • Average duration: short- 15-30min, long- 1-2 hours 
  • Country: United States

Bro Code

best YouTube channels to learn Java #6- bro code

Bro code comprises videos ranging within programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, C# and, web development technologies. Bro Code resides on a single platform, YouTube and, is free to access; one need not pay for any video. 

Bro Code complies with clear, short videos without exercises and does not beat around the bush, videos are comprehensive and straight to the point. The channel uses screen sharing and live demonstration methods to impart knowledge. 

The channel is run and managed by Chris, an American educational YouTuber and professional programmer.

  • Started: October 10, 2019
  • Subscribers: 1.79M                         
  • No. of videos: 682
  • Views: 89,824,770
  • Frequency of videos: Daily (number not confined) 
  • Average duration: 10-15min 
  • Country: United States


best YouTube channels to learn Java #7 -amigoscode

It consists of a wide range of Java scripts. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced programmer, Amigoscode is ready to cater to the needs of your learning process. Amigoscode offers programming tutorials focusing on languages like Java, and Python, and tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and SQL.

The channel provides a supportive and interactive community where users can even collaborate on certain projects. 

The channel regularly uploads new Java tutorials and courses to ensure that the users have access to updated Java programming, and they also keep improving their videos from the previous ones. 

  • Started: October 4, 2010                            
  • Subscribers: 895K     
  • No. of videos: 440
  • Views: 36,772,536
  • Frequency of videos: monthly 1 video
  • Average duration: videos- 10 min, tutorials- 1-2 hours 
  • Country: United Kingdom


best YouTube channels to learn Java #8 -freecodecamp

It is an e-learning platform that caters to a diverse range of domains, including Python,  Java, Blockchain, SQL and, C#. FreeCodeCamp assists over 1 million people daily with a mission to empower learners. Its YouTube channel offers long-form video content, stretching up to 47 hours.

The main agenda was to impart free education so that the learners could access high-quality courses without any financial burden. Quincy Larsen is the founder of FreeCodeCamp. He sustains his content consumers by avoiding monotony and ensuring motivation throughout their journey.

  • Started: December 17, 2014                 
  • Subscribers: 9.42M
  • No. of Videos: 1,646
  • Views: 707,471,620
  • Frequency of videos:  weekly 3-4 videos
  • Average duration: 2-3 hours, including podcasts                                 
  • Country: United States

Java Brains

best YouTube channesl to learn Java #9 - javabrains

Java Brains offers a step-by-step guide for essential Java learning on YouTube and advanced Java backend development concepts. It covers a wide range of Java topics, including core Java, Java EE development, Spring Framework, and, Hibernate. It also expands to Spring Boot, Apache Cassandra, Git and, Terraform.

The videos resonate with each other, ensuring a smooth transition.

The instructor, Koushik Kothagal, simplifies the concepts into comprehensible and practical examples. The channel fosters a supportive community for learners, ensuring a free flow of questions and experiences.

  • Started: May 30, 2007
  • Subscribers: 662K
  • No. of Videos: 1,682 
  • Views: 132,567,135
  • Frequency of Videos: Monthly 1 video
  • Average duration: 15 min
  • Country: United States

Caleb Curry

best YouTube channels to learn Java  #10 -Caleb curry

Caleb’s videos are known for their simplicity and practicality. It offers cryptocurrency and software development training which includes languages like C++, JavaScript and, SQL. The YouTube channel is run by Caleb Curry himself, who believes software is the core of the future and a thriving agent in the tech industry. His teaching approach suffices a beginner as well as an intermediate learner.

Caleb emphasizes object-oriented programming, as there is a tutorial series catering to crucial processes for Java developers. Caleb Curry’s YouTube channel is appreciated by Java enthusiasts as he conducted live coding and Q&A sessions. 

  • Started: August 19, 2009
  • Subscribers: 615k
  • No. of videos: 1,742
  • Views: 50,053,985
  • Frequency of videos: monthly, 3 videos
  • Average duration: 10min 
  • Country:  United States

Coding with John

best YouTube channels to learn Java #11- coding with John

John, the instructor at “Coding with John” is a lead Java software engineer with an experience of more than a decade in this industry, posts short-form YouTube videos with an aim to untangle complex concepts of Java code. John offers a wide range of Java programming languages, covering topics from basic to advanced topics.

This channel provides a suitable platform to find any Java updates with a complete understanding of their functioning or incorporates feedback from learners, it ensures that learners are getting relevant and up-to-date information.

  • Started: October 7, 2019
  • Subscribers: 330K
  • No. of videos: 92
  • Views: 15,739,534
  • Frequency of videos: irregular
  • Average duration: 15-20 min
  • Country: United States

Alex Lee

best YouTube channels to learn Java #12- Alex Lee

Alex Lee is another excellent YouTube channel to learn Java skills from the scratch. His teaching style may resonate well with those who prefer a straightforward approach to learning. the instructor uses screen share format to teach which proves to be understandable and practical. Interactive elements like these can be particularly beneficial for individuals who learn best through hands-on experience. Alex Lee caters to the requirement of all age groups learning Java programming language on YouTube channels.

  • Started: February 17, 2013
  • Subscribers: 403K
  • No. of videos: 130
  • Views: 26,441,514
  • Frequency of videos: irregular
  • Average duration: 10-15min
  • Country: United States

These are a few of the most reliable sources on YouTube, offering a simplified and diverse approach to learning Java that accommodates learners at every skill level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best YouTube channel to learn Java?

The best YouTube channels for beginners to learn Java are Derek Banas and Programming with Mosh. For experienced advanced Java programmers we recommend Thoughts on Java and Alex Lee.

How fast can I learn Java on YouTube?

Many YouTube channels provide beginner-friendly Java tutorials with live sessions and real-world examples. Hence, one can learn Java within 25-30 days with dedicated hours of practice.

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