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Your AP Statistics Resource Center

Overview of AP Statistics

AP Statistics stands for Advanced Placement Statistics. It is a college-level course offered by the College Board to high school students who are interested in studying statistics at an advanced level. The course covers a wide range of topics, including data analysis, sampling, experimentation, and inference. The course is rigorous and requires students to have a good grasp of algebra. It expects them to engage in data collection, statistical analysis, and interpretation of results, as well as to showcase their understanding of probability and inferential reasoning.

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Course content

Unit 1: Exploring One-Variable Data

You’ll be introduced to how statisticians approach variation and practice representing data, describing distributions of data, and drawing conclusions based on a theoretical distribution.

  • Variation in categorical and quantitative variables
  • Representing data using tables or graphs
  • Calculating and interpreting statistics
  • Describing and comparing distributions of data
  • The normal distribution

  • Comparing representations of 2 categorical variables
  • Calculating statistics for 2 categorical variables
  • Representing bivariate quantitative data using scatter plots
  • Describing associations in bivariate data and interpreting correlation
  • Linear regression models
  • Residuals and residual plots
  • Departures from linearity

  • Planning a study
  • Sampling methods
  • Sources of bias in sampling methods
  • Designing an experiment
  • Interpreting the results of an experiment

  • Using simulation to estimate probabilities
  • Calculating the probability of a random event
  • Random variables and probability distributions
  • The binomial distribution
  • The geometric distribution

  • Variation in statistics for samples collected from the same population
  • The central limit theorem
  • Biased and unbiased point estimates
  • Sampling distributions for sample proportions
  • Sampling distributions for sample means

  • Constructing and interpreting a confidence interval for a population proportion
  • Setting up and carrying out a test for a population proportion
  • Interpreting a p-value and justifying a claim about a population proportion
  • Type I and Type II errors in significance testing
  • Confidence intervals and tests for the difference of 2 proportions

  • Constructing and interpreting a confidence interval for a population mean
  • Setting up and carrying out a test for a population mean
  • Interpreting a p-value and justifying a claim about a population mean
  • Confidence intervals and tests for the difference of 2 population means

  • The chi-square test for goodness of fit
  • The chi-square test for homogeneity
  • The chi-square test for independence
  • Selecting an appropriate inference procedure for categorical data

  • Confidence intervals for the slope of a regression model
  • Setting up and carrying out a test for the slope of a regression model
  • Selecting an appropriate inference procedure

Exam Date

AP Statistics Exam

Will be conducted on

Tue, May 7, 2024 | 12 PM Local

AP Statistics Exam Guide

Are you struggling with the AP Statistics exam? or just need some additional help with data analysis, probability, statistical inference, and regression analysis. Learning these complex concepts can be often difficult to self-study. The AP Statistics course is rated as moderately easy with a rating of 4.8 out of 10 in difficulty by class alumnae. It has a large enrollment and 95% of students recommend it, the passing rate for 2022 was 60%. Our AP Statistics Exam Guide here will cover everything, including creating a study plan, comprehending difficult statistical concepts, and making the most of useful resources. So, let’s get started and prepare to ace the AP Statistics exam!

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AP Statistics Course Resources

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AP Statistics Course

The College Board website offers a variety of extra resources to help AP Statistics students succeed on the exam. These resources include the AP Statistics Course at a Glance, the AP Statistics Course and Exam Description, the AP Statistics CED Scoring Guidelines, and more. To help students prepare for the AP Statistics exam, we have provided links to these extra resources below.

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AP Statistics Course at a Glance

Excerpted from the AP Statistics Course and Exam Description, the Course at a Glance document outlines the topics and skills covered in the AP Statistics course, along with suggestions for sequencing.



AP Statistics Course and Exam Description

This is the core document for this course. Unit guides clearly lay out the course content and skills and recommend sequencing and pacing for them throughout the year. The CED was updated in March 2021.



AP Statistics CED Scoring Guidelines

This document details how each of the sample free-response questions in the course and exam description (CED) would be scored. This information is now in the online CED, but was not included in the binders teachers received in 2019.


AP Statistics Free Response Questions

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