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Best Tutoring Services for High School Students In 2024

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Best Tutoring Services for High School Students

High school can keep students busy with assignments, classes, or exam prep to get into college. It’s not possible to understand everything thought in class and naturally, students would need extra help. That’s where online tutoring kicks in. 

Online tutoring has become beneficial to students and tutors alike! Enabling sessions through a digital space has made it flexible for both sides. 

Here is a list of the best online tutoring services for high school students that we’ve compiled:

  1. Wiingy
  2. Chegg
  3. Wyzant
  4. Skooli
  5. Revolution Prep
  6. Varsity Tutors


best tutoring services for high school students #1 - Wiingy

Wiingy is known for tailored and private one-on-one sessions with tutors! The core offering of Wiingy is that it has a large network of highly qualified, verified and experienced tutors.

The tutors are chosen via a thorough method of selection with a selection rate of less than 3% to guarantee that only the best tutors are picked.

Apart from this, each session is structured according to the student’s necessities. 

The tutors create a study plan or strategy for each student they work with! This helps the students to learn effectively. Each tutor adapts to the learning style of the student.

The tutors at Wiingy not only have advanced degrees but have exceptional work experience in the same fields! 

Wiingy offers tutoring for Computer Science, Math, AP, Science, and others. You can also get help with SAT, ACT, and AP for exam prep! 

Students and parents have consistently rating Wiingy tutoring experience as 4.8/5 and above.

The steps to avail of the services are simple:

  • Pick a time that works and a free demo lesson will be scheduled.
  • A meeting link will be shared with you at the scheduled time.
  • It’s time to connect with the tutor!

 Perfect Match Guarantee: 

The aim is to ensure your learning needs are met. If you aren’t satisfied with the first tutor, we will assign you with another one for free after your first class!

Wiingy as a community has over 20,000 students across 10+ countries growing daily! 

Students can avail of tutoring sessions priced at $28 per hour, which is much more affordable than other services.


best tutoring services for high school students #2 - Chegg

Chegg is one of the most popular companies to offer student services! It ranges from tutoring, assistance with homework, and textbook rental and amongst other services. Chegg offers tutoring in fields such as science, humanities, business, medicine, and health to name a few. 

You can get help with essay writing, homework help, or even AP classes! 

The tutors are highly qualified individuals who must have a degree from a college or must be enrolled. They should also have previous experience in teaching or tutoring to become a Chegg Tutor.

As per a survey conducted, 92% of students say that Chegg helps them understand the concepts they need help with even better. The experts and tutors are also available 24/7.

So if you need help instantly with homework due the next day or you need help studying for a test, try them out online!

This happens via a 3-step method. Students are first asked what they need help with. 

The next step is to get them matched with a tutor available during that point in time and engage in a live session. 

The basic plan on Chegg starts at $15.95 per month. This includes features such as video walkthroughs, textbook solutions, practice tests, and more.

There is also another plan called Math Solver that breaks down math questions and equations for you to learn step by step. It’s priced at $9.95.


best tutoring services for high school students #3 - wyzant

With most of the services being online these days, Wyzant offers both online as well as offline tutoring! Wyzant has more than 65,000 vetted tutors onboarded to help students out in 300 different subjects! 

The process to find a tutor is fairly simple. All you have to do is let them know where you’re struggling, find the right tutor that fits your needs according to the hourly rates, and get started when you’d like to. You only need to pay for the duration you avail of the service and not more.

There are a lot of courses that have already been maintained on the website, so before hiring a tutor, students may review common ideas and take a test on themselves to identify their weak areas. 

The pricing on Wyzant differs because the tutors can set up their prices. It can range from just $20 per hour and can go up to $500 and more.


best tutoring services for high school students #4 - Skooli

Skooli is perfect for students who don’t require long-term help. The online tutoring service is quite different from the rest. They charge by the minute and not per hour! 

This is helpful because students can get in touch with a tutor for instant help on small things such as a difficult question in an assignment. They don’t have to pay for an entire session or buy a plan. Makes it budget-friendly! 

Skooli’s tutors are college graduates and more. Some of them have PhDs too. But you will only be able to see all the information in the tutor profile once you enter your credit card details.

The online-learning environment is friendly with live audio and video. It includes a digital whiteboard with other features to teach effectively.

Skooli charges as pay-per-minute. It starts at $0.65 per minute up to $0.82 per minute.

Revolution Prep

best tutoring services for high school students #5 - Revolution Prep
Revolution Prep

Revolution tutors are all full-time education faculty professionals. They provide online instruction in groups or one-on-one. It is well-known for its SAT/ACT exam reviews with live tutors. They also provide on-demand prep videos and assignment assistance in 37 areas. 

Additionally, the service provides school counselors to assist children and families in developing effective curricula.

Revolution Prep guarantees that its instructors are 100% full-time. The tutors don’t freelance on the platform. They receive more than 150 hours of training and development each year!

There are 3 plans to choose from on Revolution Prep:

  • The Tutoring plan is priced at $199 for 5 hours! It consists of upto 3 students part of one session.
  • Group test plan is priced at $499 for 12 hours. This plan consists of up to 8 students in one session.
  • Private tutoring is priced at $1398 for 12 hours. This plan is completely a 1-on-1 session with the tutor. You get tailored sessions in this plan.

Varsity Tutors

best tutoring services for high school students #6 - Varsity Tutors
Varsity Tutors

Varsity tutors have over 2500 different areas to learn from with more than 40,000 tutors. Varsity Tutors also have an app to team up on papers and math questions. 

This is helpful when students don’t have their laptops with them immediately. The service does not provide tutor materials, training, or any modules. It entirely depends on the tutor and how they decide to implement the tutoring session.

The membership plans are as the following:

  • 1-on-1 tutoring providing personalized experience
  • Unlimited learning through assessments and practice
  • Instant help via 24/7 tutor chat and AI tutor support
  • Flexibility to customize membership

The prices can vary from $81 to about $99 per hour.

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Frequently asked questions:

How do I choose a tutoring service?

There are so many different tutoring services available these days, especially online. But with so many options, it’s normal to get confused.

Here’s how you can choose a tutoring service:

Carry out research:
You can check out the websites of tutoring websites and explore the domains offered. Most websites also provide brief information about each tutor, so you can check out the qualifications of tutors too.

Your objectives: 
Think about your objectives and what you’d like to gain out of the tutoring session. The session must align with the objectives if you need help with homework, some clarification on test prep, and more.

Online tutoring:
Location plays a big role these days when picking out a tutoring service. Online tutoring offers more flexibility to students as they may be interning, attending classes back to back, or may have other commitments.

Is tutoring once a week enough?

According to data published by Accelerating Student Learning with high dosage tutoring, Feb 2021: The best way to get results through tutoring is by engaging in 3 or more sessions per week that last for about 30-60 minutes per day.

There is little evidence that suggests that once a week is enough.

Perhaps if you need one-time assistance for a specific assignment or test, one session would work! Otherwise, it’s mostly suggested to take up a minimum of 3 sessions to completely understand the area of difficulty and improve.

How do you know your tutor is good?

Finding the right tutor to help you with your areas of difficulty can make life easier for you. Here are some common grounds that you can use to assess whether the tutor is good or not:

Difficult concepts are simplified: 
This is a no-brainer. How well the tutor can simplify a difficult concept for you to understand in layman’s terms is the most important factor. If the tutor can do that for you, then he/she is good.

Able to answer questions:
The tutor should be able to answer questions from your end. This way it shows that they’re thorough in their subject matter expertise! 

Leads you to be independent:
The goal of tutoring is to enable you to understand the concepts so well that eventually, you do not need the tutor’s assistance. If the tutor can lead you to this position, they’ve done a good job.

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