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Best Online C++ Tutoring Services In 2024

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Best Online C++ tutoring services

Online Cpp tutoring services is the solution if you need help and you are struggling to keep up with your class. Do you find C++ syntax to understand the basics of C++ syntax? C++ syntax can be tricky to learn. You’re not alone.

Don’t worry, there is a solution to this problem: online Cpp tutoring services. Online C++ tutoring services are a game-changer for students needing extra help. There are many online tutoring services for students available in the market. But with so many options out there, how do you know which online Cpp tutoring service is right for you? It can be overwhelming to sit through the endless lists of websites and reviews. The good news is that we have done research on the best online C++ tutoring services

Here are some of the best tutoring services for C++ to help you out:

  1. Wiingy
  2. Superprof
  3. HeyTutor
  4. Wyzant
  5. Revolution Prep


Tutoring Service or a Tutor MarketplaceTutoring Service
FormatOnline 1-on-1 tutoring
Subjects coveredMath, Science, AP, Coding Languages, Exam Prep and 50+ subjects
AgesElementary School, Middle School, High School, College and Adults
PricingLessons start at $28 per hour
Trustpilot rating4.5/5
USPWiingy offers a large network of highly qualified, verified and experienced tutors. The selection process for tutors involves several rounds and the onboarding rate is less than 3% to ensure only the best tutors are picked.
ProsYou can pay per session! No long-term commitment or subscription plan.
ConsSome students prefer to shortlist and work with tutors directly which is not feasible on the Wiingy platform.


Wiingy is known for tailored and private 1-on-1 online sessions with tutors! The core offering of Wiingy is that it has a large network of highly qualified, verified and experienced tutors. The tutors are chosen via a rigorous selection process with an onboarding rate of less than 3% to guarantee that only the best tutors are picked.

Apart from this, each session is structured according to the student’s necessities. Each tutor adapts to the learning style of the student. The tutors create a study plan or strategy for each student they work with! This helps the students to learn effectively. 

Wiingy offers tutoring for Computer Science, Coding, Math, AP, Science, and 100+ subjects. You can also get help with SAT, ACT, and AP for exam prep! 

Students and parents have consistently rated Wiingy’s tutoring experience as 4.8/5 and above! 

You can sign up with a Wiingy tutor in 3 simple steps:

  • Tell us what you need:  New to a topic or falling behind in class? Tell us what you need!
  • Book a free trial lesson: We will find the perfect tutor for your needs and set up your first free trial lesson. With our Perfect Match Guarantee, you will be assigned another tutor for free after your first class if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Sign up for your lessons: Pay only for the time you need! You are only required to pay for the sessions you take!

Wiingy as a community has over 20,000 students across 10+ countries growing daily!


Tutoring Service or a Tutor MarketplaceTutor Marketplace
FormatOnline and In-person
Subjects coveredMath, Science, Computer Science, Programming, Languages, Professional Development, and 1200+ other subjects. Programming subjects include C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and 15+ more languages.
AgesSchool students and College students
PricingYou have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $49/month. The tutor fee is set by the tutor and is separate from the subscription fee. 
Trustpilot rating4.1 / 5
USPSuperprof provides students with access to millions of tutors from around the globe. To make sure that your tutor is eligible, they are required to upload verifiable credentials before the platform lets their profile go live.
ProsSuperprof is popular for finding in-person tutors. You can also chat with the tutor on their chat feature to organize your session. 
ConsFinding a compatible tutor can be time-consuming on the platform.


Superprof is an online tutoring marketplace that connects students with tutors from all over the world.

It offers both online and in-person modes of education for its tutoring services.

One of the unique features of Superprof is its personalized learning approach. Each tutor on the platform creates their teaching approach and curriculum, customized as per the individual needs and learning style of their students. 

Finding a tutor on Superprof:

  • You can start by visiting the teachers’ profiles that teach the subjects you are interested in or the subject you need help with.
  • Once you have found the teacher you like to learn from, click the ‘Book a Class’ button. 
  • You will then see a pop-up inviting you to sign in or register your account. 
  • After filling out all the required fields, you will need to pay a subscription fee to access your chosen teacher

Superprof helps you with a selection of tutors, it’s up to you how you manage and how you work with the mentor you chose.

Superprof is a subscription-based service that gives students access to millions of tutors.

You need to make a Superproof account. You need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $49 to connect with the tutors on the platform.

Tutors’ fees are separate from the subscription fee. Each tutor sets tutoring prices based on their qualifications, experience, and subject matter expertise. Tutors typically charge between $30 to $100 per hour. You can negotiate with your tutor for the tutor fee based on the number of lessons you need.


Tutoring Service or a Tutor MarketplaceTutor Marketplace
FormatOnline tutoring and on-school campus tutoring
Subjects coveredHeyTutor covers over 250 subjects. They offer K-8 Tutoring, High School Tutoring, College Level Tutoring, SAT/ACT Test Preparation, College Applications, and Homeschooling.
AgesElementary school students, Middle School students and High school students
PricingThey offer tutors at three levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. Expert tutors charge $75/hour.
Trustpilot rating4.1 / 5
USPHeyTutor collaborates with school districts across the United States to serve students with a range of academic backgrounds and socioemotional skills. The collaboration with schools encourages a connection between tutoring lessons and the school curriculum.
ProsHeyTutor has a huge database of professionals. The tutors are also experts in their fields.
ConsYou have to sign up for the minimum package of 10 hours.


HeyTutor allows tutors to offer their skills through an online marketplace while setting their own prices. They offer tutors at three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert.

There are three ways to find a tutor on the HeyTutor platform.

  • You can browse tutor profiles on the tutor marketplace section of the website. From here you can see their areas of expertise, hourly rates, and when and where they are available to meet. If you find a tutor you think would be a good fit, you can message them through their tutor profile. 
  • You can post a public job advert which tutors will be able to see. We recommend making your job advert as detailed as possible so that you are only contacted by relevant tutors. 
  • Sign up for HeyTutor Pro, and let them do the work for you. Their team of experts will handpick qualified tutors, with a complementary background check included. Let them know what kind of a tutor you are looking for, and where you want to meet, and they will assign you a tutor accordingly.

HeyTutor covers over 250 subjects. It ranges from K-8 Tutoring, High School Tutoring, College Level Tutoring, SAT/ACT Test Preparation, College Applications, and Homeschooling.

The platform offers tutors at three levels beginner, intermediate, and expert. Expert tutors charge $75/hour.

You can pay up-front for 10, 20, or 30 hours of tutoring. All lessons are pre-paid. You can renew your package plan if you need more hours. 


Tutoring Service or a Tutor MarketplaceTutor Marketplace
FormatOnline 1-on-1 tutoring, In-person tutoring
Subjects coveredMath, Science, English, Language, Music, Computer and more
AgesSchool and College Students
PricingTutors set their own prices. It can range from just $20 per hour and can go up to $500 per hour. 
Trustpilot rating2.9/5 
USPWyzant allows students and parents to directly choose from over 65,000 tutors!
ProsSince Wyzant is a tutor marketplace, it allows users to pick tutors according to their affordability.
ConsExpertise of the tutor isn’t guaranteed. Academic qualifications vary from tutor to tutor.


With most of the services being online these days, Wyzant offers both online as well as offline tutoring! Wyzant has more than 65,000 vetted tutors onboarded to help students out in 300 different subjects! 

The process of finding a tutor is fairly simple. All you have to do is let the service provider know the areas you’re struggling with. Then you can find the tutor that fits your needs and get started! And you only need to pay on an hourly basis for the session.

There are a lot of courses that have already been maintained on the website, so before hiring a tutor, students may review courses and take a test to identify their weak areas. 

The pricing on Wyzant differs because the tutors can set up their prices.

Revolution Prep

Tutoring Service or a Tutor MarketplaceTutoring Service
FormatOnline 1-on-1 and Small group tutoring 
Subjects coveredMath, Science, English, Foreign Language, History and Social Science, Computer Science
AgesElementary School Students, Middle School Students, High School Students
PricingThe Tutoring plan is priced at $199 for 5 hours [~$40 per hour]. It consists of up to 3 students in one session.  
Group test plan is priced at $499 for 12 hours [~$42 per hour]. This plan consists of up to 8 students in one session.
Private tutoring is priced at $1398 for 12 hours. [~$116 per hour]. This plan is completely a 1-on-1 session with the tutor. You get tailored sessions in this plan.
Trustpilot rating4.9 / 5
USPRevolution Prep’s Tutors are exclusively full-time employees!
ProsLive tutoring, on-demand videos, and drop-in options are available.
ConsPrivate tutoring is expensive and costs around $116 per hour. It requires a minimum purchase of 5+ hours.


Revolution Prep tutors are all full-time employees! They provide online tutoring in groups or private 1-on-1 sessions.

The platform also provides on-demand prep videos and assignment assistance in 37 areas. 

Additionally, the service provides school counselors to assist children and families in developing effective curricula. 

Revolution Prep guarantees that its instructors are full-time. The tutors don’t freelance on the platform. They receive more than 150 hours of training and development each year!


After evaluating and comparing the best online Cpp tutoring services of 2024, it is clear that each one offers unique advantages to students seeking to improve their understanding of this powerful programming language.

Whether you prefer the convenience of on-demand lessons, the personalized attention of one-on-one tutoring, or the flexibility of self-paced learning, there is an option on this list that will suit your needs.

These companies offer exceptional features, experienced tutors, and affordable pricing, making them the perfect choice for students looking to improve their Cpp skills.

Wyzant: Wyzant is a popular online tutoring marketplace that connects students with qualified tutors. They offer a wide range of subjects, including Cpp, and their tutors have a variety of experience levels. Wyzant is a good option for students who are looking for personalized instruction and flexibility.

Wiingy: Wiingy is a newer online tutoring platform that is quickly gaining popularity. They offer a variety of features that make them a good option for students who are looking for a personalized learning experience. Wiingy’s tutors are experts in their fields, and they use a variety of teaching methods to help students learn.

Superprof: Superprof is a global online tutoring marketplace that connects students with tutors in their local area. They offer a variety of subjects, including Cpp, and their tutors have a variety of experience levels. Superprof is a good option for students who are looking for affordable tutoring.

Revolution Prep: Revolution Prep is an online tutoring company that specializes in test prep. They offer a variety of courses, including Cpp, and their tutors are experts in their fields. Revolution Prep is a good option for students who are looking to improve their Cpp skills for standardized tests.

Ultimately, the best online Cpp tutoring service for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. However, any of the companies listed above would be a good choice.

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