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7 Best PHP Bootcamps of 2024

Written by Shifa Ali

Updated on: 26 Jun 2024

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A PHP bootcamp is a short-term, intensive training program that focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of the PHP programming language. These bootcamps offer hands-on, practical learning within a few weeks or months.

PHP bootcamps provide a fast-track opportunity for individuals to learn PHP and kick-start their careers as developers. However, choosing the right bootcamp can be overwhelming, considering factors such as schedule flexibility, financing options, curriculum, and job placement support.

In this blog post, we will compare the top PHP bootcamps available, making your decision-making process easier.

7 PHP Bootcamps in 2024

Here is the compiled list of the 8 best php bootcamps in 2024:

  1. Coding Dojo PHP Bootcamp
  2. 4Geeks Academy PHP Bootcamp
  3. DevPoint Labs PHP Bootcamp
  4. Startup Institute PHP Bootcamp
  5. Codecademy PHP Bootcamp
  6. Developer Bootcamp PHP Bootcamp
  7. Learning Fuze PHP Bootcamp

Bootcamp #1 Coding Dojo PHP Bootcamp

PHP Bootcamp #1 Coding Dojo PHP Bootcamp

Coding Dojo offers a comprehensive PHP bootcamp with a strong focus on full-stack development. Their program covers essential PHP concepts and frameworks, along with front-end technologies. They provide a supportive learning environment and offer both on-campus and online learning options.

NameCoding Dojo – Full Stack Software Developer Bootcamp
Web Fundamentals, Python
Full-Stack Web Development
JavaScript and MEAN Stack
C# and .NET Core
Java and Spring Boot
Data Science and Machine Learning
DevOps, Project Weeks
Delivery Format
Full Time: M-F 9am-530pm ET ; Saturday – 9am-430pm ET (13 Weeks)
Part Time: Tuesdays-Thursdays 630pm-9pm ET; Saturday – 9am-5pm ET(24-36 Weeks)
$4,995 – $16,995
Financing OptionsPay Upfront, In Installments with Down Payments,
Income Share Agreements (ISAs)
Why You Should Pick ItMost Preferred Bootcamp by Students, 5% Acceptance Rate
Detailed Curriculum and High Placement Rates

Bootcamp #2 4Geeks Academy Bootcamp

PHP Bootcamp #2 4Geeks Academy Bootcamp

4Geeks Academy covers PHP fundamentals, web development, and frameworks like Laravel. They offer flexible learning formats, including part-time and immersive programs. 4Geeks Academy focuses on real-world applications and building practical skills that will prepare you for a career in PHP development.

Name4Geeks Academy Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp
PHP,CSS, HTML, JavaScript,
React, Node.js, Express, SQL,
Git, Front End, Back End, Agile,
MVC, RESTful APIs, Scrum
Delivery Format
Full Time – M-F from 9:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m (14 Weeks)
Part Time – Flexible Schedule 8hrs/week (30 Weeks)
Financing OptionsIncome Share Agreement (ISA) and Financing Options Available
Why You Should Pick ItHighly Rated Bootcamp with Hands-on Experience and Career Support

Bootcamp #3 DevPoint Labs

PHP Bootcamp #3 DevPoint Labs

DevPoint Labs includes PHP in their comprehensive full-stack web development curriculum. Their immersive bootcamp programs provide an intense learning experience with a strong emphasis on hands-on practice. DevPoint Labs also offers career support and mentorship opportunities to help students succeed in the industry.

NameDevPoint Labs Web Development Bootcamp
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, SQL, Git, Front End, Back End, Agile, MVC, RESTful APIs
Delivery Format
Full Time – M-F from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m (12 Weeks)
Financing OptionsFinancing Options Available
Why You Should Pick ItHands-on Web Development Training with Real-World Projects

Bootcamp #4 Startup Institute PHP Bootcamp

PHP Bootcamp #4 Startup Institute PHP Bootcamp

The Startup Institute Web Development Bootcamp is an immersive program that equips aspiring web developers with practical skills in front-end and back-end technologies. Participants gain hands-on experience through real-world projects and develop the necessary expertise to thrive in the startup industry.

NameStartup Institute Web Development Bootcamp
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, SQL, Git, Front End, Back End, Agile, MVC, RESTful APIs
Delivery Format
Full Time – M-F from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m (12 Weeks)
Financing OptionsFinancing Options Available
Why You Should Pick ItPractical Training with Industry Connections and Job Placement Support

Bootcamp #5 Developer Bootcamp

PHP Bootcamp #5 Developer Bootcamp

The Developer Bootcamp offers a part-time, self-paced PHP Bootcamp that spans 3-8 weeks. The program focuses on PHP programming and development, covering various topics including PHP fundamentals, MySQL, Laravel, and more. Students also gain valuable professional skills in project management, collaboration, and code review during the bootcamp.

NameDeveloper Bootcamps – PHP Bootcamp
PHP Fundamentals, Object-Oriented PHP, MySQL, Laravel, and more
Delivery Format
In-person and Online
Full-time – 8 weeks
Financing OptionsPayment plans available
Why You Should Pick ItIntensive PHP training with real-world projects and career support

Bootcamp #6 Codecademy PHP Bootcamp

PHP Bootcamp #6 Codecademy PHP Bootcamp

The Codecademy PHP Bootcamp is an online program designed to help individuals learn PHP programming from scratch. With a comprehensive curriculum, participants gain hands-on experience in PHP fundamentals, object-oriented programming, MySQL, and more. Through interactive exercises and real-world projects, students develop the skills necessary to build dynamic and interactive web applications using PHP.

NameCodecademy – PHP Bootcamp
PHP Basics, Object-Oriented PHP, MySQL, Laravel, and more
Delivery Format
Self-paced – Flexible duration
Financing OptionsFull payment required
Why You Should Pick ItLearn PHP at your own pace with hands-on projects

Bootcamp #7 Learning Fuze PHP Bootcamp

PHP Bootcamp #7 Learning Fuze PHP Bootcamp

LearningFuze’s PHP Bootcamp is an intensive and immersive program that equips individuals with the skills needed to become proficient PHP developers. Participants dive deep into PHP fundamentals, object-oriented programming, MySQL, and popular frameworks like Laravel. Through hands-on projects and mentorship, students gain real-world experience and develop the expertise necessary to build dynamic web applications using PHP. The bootcamp also emphasizes professional skills, ensuring graduates are prepared for success in the ever-evolving field of web development.

NameLearningFuze – Web Development Bootcamp
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express.js, Databases, and more
Delivery Format
Full-time – 12 weeks
Financing OptionsVarious financing options are available
Why You Should Pick ItComprehensive curriculum, hands-on learning, and career services

Job Prospects after learning PHP

PHP offers a wide range of career opportunities for aspiring developers. With its versatility and widespread use in web development, PHP skills can open doors to various job roles. Let’s explore some of the potential career paths for PHP professionals:

  1. PHP Developer: As a PHP developer, you will primarily focus on building web applications and websites using PHP programming. You’ll work with frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, or CodeIgniter, and collaborate with front-end developers to create dynamic and interactive web experiences.
  2. Full-Stack Developer: With proficiency in PHP, you can pursue a career as a full-stack developer, which involves working on both front-end and back-end development. As a full-stack developer, you’ll handle server-side scripting, database integration, and client-side programming, utilizing PHP alongside other languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  3. WordPress Developer: PHP is the foundation of WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). As a WordPress developer, you’ll specialize in creating themes, plugins, and customizing websites using PHP and the WordPress API.
  4. E-commerce Developer: Many e-commerce platforms, such as Magento and WooCommerce, rely on PHP for their functionality. As an e-commerce developer, you’ll use PHP to build and customize online stores, integrate payment gateways, and enhance user experiences in the realm of online shopping.
  5. PHP Framework Specialist: PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and CakePHP are widely used in web development projects. By specializing in a specific PHP framework, you can become an expert in utilizing its features, optimizing performance, and developing complex applications using that particular framework.
  6. Technical Consultant: With in-depth knowledge of PHP, you can work as a technical consultant, assisting clients in making informed decisions regarding PHP-based solutions, architecture, and best practices. This role involves understanding client requirements, offering guidance, and ensuring efficient implementation of PHP projects.
  7. Freelancer or Entrepreneur: PHP skills offer the flexibility to work as a freelancer or start your own web development business. As a freelancer or entrepreneur, you can undertake PHP projects for clients, build custom web applications, and create your own products or services using PHP.

These are just a few examples of the diverse career paths available to PHP professionals. With continuous growth in web development and the demand for PHP expertise, honing your PHP skills can lead to a rewarding and dynamic career in the tech industry.

How to select the Best PHP Bootcamp for you

Let’s explore the key factors to consider when choosing a PHP bootcamp. We have identified several important criteria to help you in selecting the right program. These factors include the curriculum, instructor expertise and reputation, job placement rates and support, student feedback and reviews, and the program’s cost and duration. By evaluating bootcamps based on these criteria, you can make an informed decision and find a program that aligns with your goals and requirements.

  • Curriculum: Ensure that the PHP bootcamp covers all the essential topics related to PHP programming, including web development, database integration, server-side scripting, and frameworks such as Laravel or Symfony.
  • Teaching Methodology: Look for a bootcamp that emphasizes hands-on learning and project-based assignments. Practical experience and the opportunity to build your portfolio are crucial for gaining valuable skills.
  • Delivery Format and Schedule: Consider whether the bootcamp offers a format and schedule that suit your preferences and availability. Options may include in-person, online, or a hybrid model.
  • Price and Financing Options: Bootcamps can vary in cost, so it’s important to factor in the program’s price and whether there are any financing options available, such as scholarships, installment plans, or loan programs.
  • Reviews and Student Outcomes: Research reviews and student outcomes to gauge the bootcamp’s quality and effectiveness. Look for success stories and assess how well graduates have secured PHP-related jobs.
  • Community and Support: Consider the level of community engagement and support provided by the bootcamp. A strong support system, including access to mentors or alumni networks, can greatly enhance your learning experience.

By considering these parameters, you’ll be able to choose a PHP bootcamp that aligns with your learning style, budget, and career goals.

Comparison of Top PHP Bootcamps

When comparing some of the best PHP bootcamps available, several notable options stand out. Coding Dojo offers a comprehensive program with a strong focus on full-stack development, providing both on-campus and online learning options.

4Geeks Academy emphasizes immersive and hands-on learning, ensuring students gain practical experience in PHP programming and web development. DevPoint Labs provides a PHP bootcamp that focuses on building practical skills, offering personalized mentorship and flexible learning options.

Startup Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers PHP fundamentals and web development, providing students with the skills needed to succeed in the industry. Codecademy offers online PHP courses with a self-paced learning approach, allowing students to learn at their own convenience.

Developer Bootcamp provides a rigorous program with a focus on PHP and other in-demand technologies, preparing students for real-world coding challenges. Learning Fuze offers an intensive PHP bootcamp that covers PHP frameworks, database integration, and project-based learning.

Skillcrush provides a beginner-friendly PHP course with a focus on web development and building practical projects. By considering factors such as curriculum, teaching methodology, delivery format, student outcomes, and cost, individuals can select the PHP bootcamp that aligns with their learning goals and preferences.

Bootcamps can take time and cost a lot. Here’s an alternative.

There’s no one-bootcamp-fits-all approach when it comes to coding. Each bootcamp fulfills a unique set of objectives and comes with differing pricing plans, schedules, and payment methods. This has both advantages and disadvantages. 

On the bright side, this helps you learn programming faster and achieve results quickly. But, their effectiveness in the long run depends on how well you follow up on your learning process. That’s why you should also consider flexible, more affordable alternatives. 

Have you ever considered 1-on-1 online PHP tutoring? Wiingy offers private tutoring to school students, college students, and young adults. We have an ever-growing network of 4,500+ expert-vetted tutors for coding and other subjects.

A skilled PHP tutor will develop a lesson plan tailored to your learning speed and style. You’ll also receive study guides, notes, exercises, and tips for exams to help you learn faster.

Our PHP tutors are available at prices starting at only $28/hr—this is way more affordable than the hefty prices charged for PHP bootcamps. We don’t ask you to commit to long-term packages, and we offer your first lesson for free. 


There are several decisions one needs to make before enrolling into a php bootcamp, this list categorizes the top php bootcamps on the basis of price, schedule, curriculum and more.

We have made sure that the list doesn’t contain bootcamps that are not preferred by students by thoroughly reviewing their legitimacy and their reported data on job placement, graduation rate. Do your own research and opt for whatever boot camp meets your requirements

FAQs for PHP Bootcamps

Are Java Bootcamps worth it?

Yes, they are absolutely worth it. Java Bootcamps provide a detailed curriculum to help you master the language and become career-ready. The boot camps are structured in a way to a teach you real-world projects and skills. They are also partnered with top companies and hence often provide job guarantee after completion of course. The financing options are feasible, making it a good option to pursue career development in Java.

Are coding bootcamps worth the money?

Yes, most coding bootcamps offer financing options like student loan, deferred tuition, income share agreements, that help the students to learn first pay later. This enables the bootcamp students to develop the necessary skills they need to become a professional in their respective domain without having to worry about financing until they secure a good position at a reputed company.

Do employers recognize coding bootcamps?

Yes, employers recognize bootcamp certifications. They often enroll their employees to such bootcamps to help improve their skillset and productivity. The curriculum at these bootcamps are tailored for careers in the respective fields and hence are of great value to the enrolled student.

What is bootcamp in Java?

A Java bootcamp is a short-term, intensive training program that teaches students the fundamentals of the Java programming language. Bootcamps are typically designed to be completed within a few weeks or months, and they often focus on hands-on, practical learning.

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