Anshul Dua

Anshul is a co-founder and product and growth leader at Wiingy. He is responsible for new product development and go-to-market at Wiingy. He is a seasoned business leader with 15 years of experience across multiple global businesses in consumer tech, finance, and consulting. He has deep expertise in building & scaling new businesses and high-performance teams. Outside of work, he loves travelling and outdoors. He is a motorsport enthusiast and among the winners of “Raid-de-Himalaya” one of the toughest motorsport rallies in the world.

21st century robotics skills for kids
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Build 21st-century skills with robotics for kids

Robotics for kids is a hands-on approach to learning for kids, allowing them to fully understand how hardware and software interact. In today’s world, kids have access to a variety of programs ranging from science to the arts, math to music, and everything in between. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and

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extracurricular activities for kids
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5 best Extracurricular Activities for Kids

One primary question that a parent always has is which are the best extracurricular activities for kids, how to select one, and what are the factors need to be considered while choosing one. This blog will answer all these queries of yours. What are extracurricular activities for kids? Let’s start with

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