Sachin Upadhayay

Sachin is first and foremost an educator with close to 10 years of experience. In his own words “I am an AI & ML enthusiast who loves to create and write about all things tech! I love teaching programming to kids by creating fun and creative games! I have developed robotics kits, projects and curriculum to help kids learn Robotics and coding while having fun” Sachin has a bachelor's degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering. He has been involved in multiple education initiatives in Robotics, Coding, AI and STEAM lab setups for leading global ed-tech players. Sachin writes for Wiingy and covers robotics and coding areas such as micro:bit programming and Arduino programming.

Scratch coding for kids
Coding for kids

Scratch Coding for Kids | Getting Started With Scratch | Benefits of Learning Scratch Coding for Kids

What Is Scratch? Scratch Coding for Kids: Scratch is a visual, block-based programming language, with a drag-and-drop interface, designed especially for kids. It is a simple-to-use interface that allows kids to create their own digital projects like stories, animations, and games. Designed and developed by Scratch Foundation, a non-profit organization,

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Smiley Face on a micro:bit

How To Make a Smiley Face on a micro:bit? | Emotion Badge

Smiley Face On micro:bit: Flashing emojis on micro:bit is one of the easiest micro:bit projects that kids can create. Using this project, one can express their emotions. For example, in a group class, the teacher can have a poll where he/she can understand how helpful the class was to kids.

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name badge

micro:bit Name Badge | How To Display Your Name on micro:bit?

The name badge project on micro:bit is about displaying your name on micro:bit and is one of the basic micro:bit projects that is taught to kids to understand the fundamentals of coding and game development. You can easily program the micro:bit to display your name since micro:bit LEDs can display

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micro:bit Animated Animals

How Do You Make a Beating Heart Game on a micro:bit?

The MakeCode micro:bit beating heart game is one of the fundamental games taught to children in micro:bit to lay a solid foundation in coding concepts. In the beating heart micro:bit project, we will be using forever show and pause blocks. Using these three blocks, we will create two hearts, where

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