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How to Find the Best Tutor for High School Student Math Needs

Written by Medha Pandey

Updated on: 11 Jul 2024


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About 49% of students in public schools are behind grade level in at least one academic subject, as per National Center for Education Statistics. Math is one of them! 

Math truly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But to get through school, students need to get through MATH! In High School, with different math levels such as Regular, Honors, and AP, students can’t learn everything in class. Students are bound to have doubts over concepts and require additional help.

Enrolling High School students in Tutoring sessions is essential for making academic progress. 

Here’s how you can find the best tutor for high school student math needs!

Types of Math Tutors:

Small Group Tutoring:

In this type of tutoring, a math tutor works with 4-5 students to cover lesson plans. Students needing help outside regular school hours can enroll in small group tutoring. It is one of the popular tutoring methods for High School students to enroll in. 

Small group tutoring is conducted offline in public settings such as libraries. Each session occurs for an hour or more and is conducted 2-3 times weekly. The frequency depends on what’s decided between the tutor and students.

Private Tutoring:

Private tutoring is best for high school students who require 1-on-1 attention to understand math concepts and lessons. Some students need more help in high school math; regular classroom teaching doesn’t cut it. They need personalized math lessons created to help them progress as per their needs.

This type of tutoring is also required to clear all additional doubts. It helps the high school student to understand everything in the session that they couldn’t understand in class. 

Private tutoring can be of 2 types: Either In-person or Online Tutoring.

In-Person private tutoring requires the math tutor and high school student to meet at the student’s house. It’s best for students who prefer in-person rather than online tutoring. Students receive help and feedback instantly without facing any technological barriers brought about by internet lags!

On the other hand, Online Tutoring can be conducted from anywhere at any time. Students get options from an extensive network of tutors, increasing the options compared to in-person tutoring. Online tutoring requires a stable internet connection and a device to support the online session, such as a laptop or tablet. 

It is best recommended for students who require flexibility to attend tutoring sessions without having to attend them in in-person. Online Tutoring provides the opportunity to cut down on transportation time! 

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Learning Center tutoring: 

Local Tutoring Centers offer Tutoring help in Math for high school students and other subjects. With Tutoring Assistance Services already set in place by the center, it saves time for parents and students to search for Math Tutors independently. Local Tutoring Centers can be a good option for those willing to travel short distances and learn in person with assigned tutors.

Peer Tutoring: 

Your child’s peers in school can be an option for tutoring, too, if they engage in tutoring. Some High school students take up tutoring for a nominal fee by tutoring their classmates in school—the students who tutor have more knowledge and can teach their peers. 

Peer Tutoring is a good option for students comfortable learning from their peers. Peer Tutors have more insight into lesson plans than other tutors because they learn the concepts in school before they tutor their peers.

The drawback of this type of tutoring is that Peer Tutors may not have exceptional and advanced knowledge like other qualified tutors in the field. It can only be limited to what they learn in high school in the form of Regular, Honor, or AP classes.

Qualifications to Look for in Math Tutors

The right tutor should possess the following qualities to help high school students do better in math!

Academic Qualifications of the Tutor: 

Math isn’t everyone’s forte. If the high school student needs additional math assistance, the assistance should come from someone qualified. A tutor without the appropriate math requirements will be of no use. In the case of Private Tutoring, Small Group Tutoring, and Learning Center Tutoring, analyze the tutor’s academic credentials. Since it’s high school math, the tutor should have at least an undergraduate degree emphasizing math and science. 

This particular aspect can be neglected for Peer tutoring if you’re considering it.

Experience :

The amount of work or tutoring experience matters. It reflects that the tutor has prior experience in this field and has acquired specific skills explicitly catering to it.

The skills mastered over time help facilitate tutoring sessions and allow the child to progress.


Tutors should be able to prepare and read up on course material and lesson plans before the tutoring session begins. This way, the tutors can get started and finish lessons planned accordingly per session. Being prepared shows that the tutor has done homework too. It’s not wise to figure out what to teach the student only when the session begins, as this can waste time.

Interviewing potential Math tutors:

When it’s time for a Math tutor interview, there can be some hits and misses while trying to figure out to choose the best fit. Let’s uncover the potential areas to find a math tutor!

  1. You can ask about their previous tutoring or teaching experience, including the grade levels and concepts they have covered.
  2. You can inquire about their teaching methods and how they tailor their approach to accommodate different learning styles.
  3. Since some students require additional help, what can they do to address difficulties and support students to make progress?
  4. You can ask about any textbooks, online resources, or educational tools they utilize to enhance the learning experience.
  5. Understanding how they monitor progress and communicate with students and parents will give you insight into their accountability and commitment.
  6. Requesting references allows you to gain feedback from others who have worked with the tutor, providing insights into their teaching effectiveness and professionalism.


  • In conclusion, when it comes to finding the right math tutor for high school students, there are several options to consider, including small group tutoring, private tutoring (in-person or online), learning center tutoring, and peer tutoring. Each type of tutoring offers unique benefits and considerations. 
  • However, regardless of the tutoring approach, there are essential qualifications to look for in a math tutor. A tutor must possess the right academic qualifications, experience, and preparation to aid the high school student in math!
  • While interviewing potential math tutors, ensure to cover questions such as their teaching strategies, material references used, and more. It would help you make an informed decision towards the end. 


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Written by by

Medha Pandey

Reviewed by by

Prerit Jain

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