When Do AP Scores Come Out? | AP Score Release Date 2023!

When Do AP Scores Come Out

Anxious about your AP scores and want the detailed information about when the AP scores are released? Then look no further! With this AP blog, we will go into detail about when do AP scores come out, what is considered a good AP score, what to do if results are delayed, AP scores early dates, and many more related queries!

AP score release date 2023

AP score for 2023 will be released in July. AP exam results are usually available in July. It’s usually released months after the AP exams. The date and timing will be released after the AP exams are conducted for the year 2023. You can access them online using your College Board account email and password.

In 2022, the final AP scores were released at 7 am EST between mid-June and early July.

What is a good AP score?

In most cases, the minimum AP score necessary to receive extra credit for your college applications is a 3 or 4. While most schools accept a 3 on the AP exam, some selective schools require a 4 on the exam. Then some colleges only give credit for specific subjects. Besides that, some colleges use the scores to determine placement in courses such as Mathematics and Foreign Languages. 

Why do AP scores take so long to be declared?

Although most AP exams have multiple-choice questions, many also have free-response questions, which can take time to grade. AP readers (usually high school teachers and college professors) come together to read and score students’ free responses every year, and AP readers (usually high school teachers and college professors) gather to read and score students’ free responses.

Beginning in early June, AP readers gather across the United States to start reading and scoring free-response essays. Although AP readers can score from home, each AP exam has its own scoring window.

Where can I find my AP scores?

You can view your AP scores online once they are available by signing in to your College Board account in 2 simple steps!

college board sign in page
  • Step 1: Click here to go to your My AP account via the College Board website.
  • Step 2: Now, enter your registered email id and password.
  • Step 2: You should be able to see your AP scores on your dashboard after logging in.

The year you took the exam, the name of the exam, and a final score of 1-5 will be listed on your AP score report. A 3 point is a passing grade, and most colleges require at least a 3 point to award credit. Please keep in mind that your score report will not include any additional information, such as breakdowns for multiple-choice and free-response questions.

You can get a paper copy of your AP scores by downloading an unofficial PDF. This PDF should include all of your AP exams. Although having a hard copy of your AP scores is useful for your records, keep in mind that you cannot usually submit unofficial scores to colleges.

What if some AP results are unavailable?

Your AP results should be available by mid-July. However, there are times when there are delays. If you haven’t received your AP scores by September 1, the College Board recommends contacting AP services for students for assistance. Even if your AP score report is deferred, the colleges you chose to receive your AP scores should still receive them without issue.

AP scores early dates

No, it’s not possible to get your AP scores at an early date before that official release date, unless the AP scores are released in your state at an early date than other states, then you can view your AP scores before than other states. Unfortunately there is no ethical way to get your AP score earlier than the official release dates.

Significance of AP classes and exams in college admissions

AP classes and exams can have a significant impact on college admissions. These courses are designed to be college-level classes and cover material at a level of rigor that is more advanced than most high school courses. By taking AP classes, students demonstrate to colleges that they are willing to challenge themselves and take on advanced coursework.

When students take AP exams and receive high scores, it shows colleges that they have a deep understanding of the material and are well-prepared for college-level coursework. Many colleges also offer college credit or advanced placement to students who earn high scores on AP exams. This can save students time and money in college by allowing them to skip introductory-level courses and move directly into more advanced coursework.

AP classes and exams also demonstrate a student’s commitment to academics and willingness to take on challenges. This can be a positive factor in college admissions, as colleges want to admit students who are driven and motivated to succeed.

However, it is important to note that AP classes and exams are not the only factor in college admissions. Colleges also consider a student’s overall academic performance, extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation. While AP classes and exams can be a valuable component of a student’s college application, they should not be the sole focus of a student’s efforts.


In conclusion, AP exams and tests are an important component of a student’s academic journey. AP scores can impact college admissions as it demonstrates academic achievement, commitment, and help to earn college credit or advanced placement. The release of AP scores for 2023 is expected to follow a similar timeline to previous years, with scores being released in early July.

Students should check with the College Board for updates on the official release date on the College Board website. It is important to note that while AP classes and exams are valuable, they are not the only factor in college admissions. Colleges consider a student’s overall academic performance, extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation. Therefore, students should focus on their overall academic performance and preparation for college-level coursework, rather than solely on their AP scores.

By taking on challenges and demonstrating a commitment to academics and extracurricular activities, students can create a well-rounded application and increase their chances of being admitted to the college of their choice. Overall, AP classes and exams can be a valuable tool for students, but they should be viewed as one part of a larger picture in college admissions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What time will AP scores be released?

In 2022, the AP scores were released in the month of July at 7 am EST.

Do all AP Exam scores come out on the same day?

Yes, the AP score results are released in the month of July every year and all the scores are released at once. Although the AP score results are rolled out over a few days as they are released by geographic region.

What day do AP scores come out in 2023?

AP score release dates are usually in July. So the results for AP exams 2023 will be available in July 2023 usually at 7 am EST.

Can AP scores come out early?

No, there is no AP score early release dates. The official results are rolled out in the month of July over a span few days. So, it depends on your geographic location as some states might get the result before you.

Do AP scores expire?

Yes, AP exam scores are valid for 5 years.

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