What Are The Easiest AP Classes? [AP Classes Ranked!]

Easiest AP Classes

Several factors can influence which AP classes are the easiest and most difficult. These considerations include a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as the volume and nature of the course material.

Remember that determining easy or hard AP classes is a subjective process. Students perform well in classes where they perform best and are passionate about the subject matter. With that being said let’s know about the easiest AP classes!

List of the easiest AP classes

*Based on the pass rate of the respective AP exams

AP examExam pass rate (3+)% of students who scored 5
AP Chinese Language and Culture49.30%19.60%
AP Japanese Language and Culture48.50%9.80%
AP Calculus BC41.20%15.60%
AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism31.50%23.60%
AP Computer Science A27.30%20.40%
AP Physics C: Mechanics26.40%25.70%
AP Spanish Language and Culture23.60%28.50%
AP Italian Language and Culture22.60%20.60%
AP Calculus AB20.40%16.10%
AP German Language and Culture20.00%19.10%
AP Music Theory18.70%17.70%
AP Microeconomics17.70%22.50%
AP Psychology17.00%22.20%
AP English Literature and Composition16.90%27.30%
AP Macroeconomics16.40%20.00%
AP Physics 216.30%18.10%
AP Comparative Government and Politics15.90%24.30%
AP Biology15.00%23.10%
AP Human Geography14.90%18.70%
AP Statistics14.80%22.20%
AP Drawing14.60%38.10%
AP Art History14.10%21.00%
AP European History13.50%21.00%
AP World History13.20%21.90%
AP French Language and Culture13.10%23.70%
AP Research12.60%25.80%
AP Chemistry12.50%17.00%
AP United States Government and Politics12.00%10.90%
AP Seminar11.60%19.20%
AP Computer Science Principles11.40%21.00%
AP Latin11.20%16.10%
AP United States History10.80%15.60%
AP 2-D Art and Design10.80%35.50%
AP English Language and Composition10.40%21.10%
AP Environmental Science8.90%27.40%
AP Spanish Literature and Culture8.10%22.80%
AP Physics 17.90%17.00%
AP 3-D Art and Design6.40%28.60%

Source: College Board

While many factors influence which AP classes are the easiest, this assessment is highly subjective. To help identify easy AP classes, we used statistics such as pass rates and 5 score rates.

Although these figures are affected by variables directly related to the AP courses and exams, such as the capacity and depth of course material, they are also influenced by factors such as the teacher’s quality and the classic student’s prior experience with that subject. AP exams should be difficult in order to assess college-level skills adequately. As a result, a simple AP class does not always imply a simple AP exam

Exams that rely heavily on memorization may be easier for some students, while exams that require students to justify their reasoning through essay writing may be easier for others. Individual teachers may also use different teaching or scoring methods in the classroom.

A high pass rate generally indicates a higher likelihood of a favorable outcome for students considering that AP class. However, the pass rate is only one of many variables to consider.

Also, if we go by the popular opinions of students who have taken AP classes and attended AP exams, their thoughts, and opinions on the easiest AP classes will differ from the statistical data.

Easiest AP classes (in student’s opinion)

We have taken the passing rate into consideration and drawn out a chart of the easiest AP classes based on the percentage of students who have secured the exam in the respective AP classes. But this list is very subjective and is also influenced by many factors.

For example, if you refer to the above table you can see that AP Physics C Mechanics has a passing rate of 76.10% which goes on to say that students perform fairly well in the Physics C Mechanics AP exam but if we go by the opinions of students who have appeared the Physics C Mechanics exam, it is considered one of the hardest subjects to pass. So, the passing rate of a subject can not fully determine its easiness.

But if we read about students’ views and opinions through popular surveys or YouTube videos, we can get a somewhat better idea of which are the easiest AP classes. So, we have gone through some popular channels like Reddit’s r/APStudents, Mahad Khan’s YouTube channel mahadthementor, and many more and compiled a list of the easiest AP classes based on opinions and experiences of students who took the AP classes and exams.

AP courseLevel of easiness
AP Computer Science PrinciplesVery easy
AP PsychologyVery easy
AP Chinese LanguageVery easy
AP SeminarVery easy
AP Human GeographyQuite easy
AP Comparative GovernmentQuite easy
AP Computer Science AQuite easy
AP Environmental ScienceQuite easy
AP MicroeconomicsQuite easy
AP StatisticsQuite easy
AP ResearchQuite easy
AP MacroeconomicsQuite easy
AP World HistoryQuite easy
AP Spanish LanguageModerately difficult
AP Art HistoryModerately difficult
Easiest AP classes


The College Board has designed AP tests and courses to be more difficult than their traditional or advanced counterparts. Knowing the best AP exams and classes, on the other hand, can assist you with college applications and college credit. 

It is preferable to work harder now to have fewer required college credits (and thus less debt and stress) to worry about later. Make your decision with caution and recall the preceding information for a broad overview of the subject areas that will undoubtedly set you up for success.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the clearest and simple AP Physics course?

While classifying easy AP classes is a subjective process, students can assess the potential difficulty by looking at the pass rate. More than 84% of students passed the Physics C: Mechanics exam in May 2020, according to the table above. Based on this result, a large number of test-takers may consider this course to be simple.

Can I take an AP exam without enrolling in classes?

Yes. Students can access test guides and sample tests that outline the topics covered in the exam. It is not necessary to attend the class in order to take or pass the test. Self-study, on the other hand, is not always easy and necessitates additional rigor, time, and dedication.

What are the easiest AP classes to self-study?

Students frequently self-study for AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Human Geography classes. These subjects’ exams are generally brief and require little to no previous understanding of the subject. Students who can learn the vocabulary and memorize the material will benefit from this.

Which of the AP exams has the lowest pass rate?

All AP exams have a minimum passing rate of 50%. Physics 1 (failed by 48.4% of all students), Environmental Science (failed by 46.6% of all students), and Chemistry (failed by 43.9% of all students) are the most commonly failed AP exams.

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