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Best Tutoring Services for Elementary School Students in 2024

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Best Tutoring Services for elementary School Students

Elementary school is a critical time in a child’s education. This is when they are learning the foundation skills that they will need for the rest of their academic careers. For some students, this can be a challenging time, and they may need extra help to succeed.

There are many tutoring services available, but not all of them are created equal. That’s why we’ve done research to find the best online tutoring services for elementary school students.

We considered a variety of factors when making our selections, including:

  • The subjects and levels offered
  • The qualifications and experience of the tutors
  • The pricing
  • The scheduling and availability
  • The interaction and feedback
  • The technology used

There are many online tutoring services for students available in the market. Whether you’re looking for help with math, reading, writing, or any other subject, we’ve got you covered. But with so many options out there, how do you know which tutoring service is right for your child? 

It can be overwhelming to sit through the endless lists of websites and reviews. The good news is that we have done research on the best tutoring services for elementary school students.

We’ve compiled the list of best tutoring services for elementary school students:

  • Wiingy
  • Learner
  • Kumon
  • Skooli
  • Princeton Review


best tutoring services for elementary school students #1 - Wiingy

Tutoring Service or a Tutor MarketplaceTutoring Service
FormatOnline 1-on-1 tutoring
Subjects coveredMath, Science, AP, Coding Languages, Exam Prep, and 100+ subjects
AgesElementary School, Middle School, High School, College, and Adults
PricingLessons start at $28 per hour
Trustpilot rating4.5/5
USPWiingy offers a large network of highly qualified, verified, and experienced tutors. The selection process for tutors involves several rounds and the onboarding rate is less than 3% to ensure only the best tutors are picked.
ProsYou can pay per session! No long-term commitment or subscription plan.
ConsSome students prefer to shortlist and work with tutors directly which is not feasible on the Wiingy platform.


Wiingy is known for tailored and private 1-on-1 online sessions with tutors! The core offering of Wiingy is that it has a large network of highly qualified, verified, and experienced tutors. The tutors are chosen via a rigorous selection process with an onboarding rate of less than 3% to guarantee that only the best tutors are picked.

Apart from this, each session is structured according to the student’s necessities. Each tutor adapts to the learning style of the student. The tutors create a study plan or strategy for each student they work with! This helps the students to learn effectively. 

Wiingy offers tutoring for Computer Science, Coding, Math, AP, Science, and 100+ subjects. You can also get help with SAT, ACT, and AP for exam prep! 

Students and parents have consistently rated Wiingy’s tutoring experience as 4.8/5 and above! 

You can sign up with a Wiingy tutor in 3 simple steps:

  • Tell us what you need: New to a topic or falling behind in class? Tell us what you need!
  • Book a free trial lesson: We will find the perfect tutor for your needs and set up your first free trial lesson. With our Perfect Match Guarantee, you will be assigned another tutor for free after your first class if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Sign up for your lessons: Pay only for the time you need! You are only required to pay for the sessions you take! Wiingy as a community has over 20,000 students across 10+ countries growing daily!


best tutoring services for elementary school students #2 - Learner
Tutoring Service or a Tutor MarketplaceTutor Marketplace
Subjects coveredMath, Algebra, Algebra 2, Calculus, Geometry, Pre- Calculus, Statistics
AgesFrom second grade to college
Pricing(Read con) $40 – $80 per hour as per reviews by users
Trustpilot ratingNot available
USPLearner is one of the most reliable platforms exclusively focusing on Math. Learner covers Math subjects such as Algebra, Probability, Calculus, and Geometry.
ProsDetailed assessment test to find the best tutor. 
ConsPricing can only be found out after consulting with their team. No indication of pricing on the website. 


Learner has stringent eligibility requirements to be a tutor. Only 5% of tutor applications are accepted. Tutors must have a bachelor’s degree from an authorized university as well as prior teaching experience! 

Students must take a one-minute assessment to determine their requirements before enrolling. Once this is done, a 5-minute phone call occurs with the student. The first session is scheduled within 72 hours after this. 

Learner offers personalized sessions tailored to the needs of the child! The lessons are also recorded so that students can utilize them afterward to review or study.


best tutoring services for elementary school students #3 - Kumon

Tutoring Service or a Tutor MarketplaceTutoring Service
FormatOnline, In-person, and Hybrid
Subjects coveredReading and Math programs 
AgesChildren of all academic levels in school
Pricing$150-$200 for a subject per month
Trustpilot rating2.9/5
USPDaily Kumon math practice takes around 30 min to complete. Students attend class twice a week at a Kumon Center and complete the other five assignments at home. Kumon is different from other services! Instead of taking notes and memorizing facts, the student is taught to actively develop critical, self-learning skills.
ProsThe learning plan is built on a set of worksheets and exercises aimed to help kids develop their abilities. 
ConsAs this is a daily program, it requires a lot of time and commitment from both students and parents. 


Kumon is a popular tutor service that concentrates on reading and math basics. 

Each student’s learning capacity is determined by Kumon through an assessment and a personalized elementary school tutoring plan is followed to meet the child’s needs. 

What makes Kumon different from other services is that it’s a daily program. Children must spend 30 minutes daily on a concept. With the new virtual feature, they can attend 5 sessions from home and 2 in one of the Kumon centers!

As students go through the Kumon worksheets and the program, tutors collaborate with them to offer direction, criticism, and encouragement.


best tutoring services for elementary school students #4 - Skooli

Tutoring Service or a Tutor MarketplaceTutoring Service
FormatOnline 1-on-1, Partnership with schools
Subjects coveredMath, Science, Humanities, Business, Language
AgesElementary school through College
PricingSkooli is a unique platform that charges by the minute. Prices range from $0.65 – $82 per minute
Trustpilot rating3.2 / 5
USPSkooli lets you connect with tutors within 15 minutes and you can get started.
ProsSkooli is budget-friendly compared to other services!
ConsNot recommended for students who need long-term help.


Skooli is perfect for students who don’t require long-term help. The online tutoring service is quite different from the rest. They charge by the minute and not per hour! 

This is helpful because students can get in touch with a tutor for instant help on small things such as a difficult question in an assignment. They don’t have to pay for an entire session or buy a plan. Makes it budget-friendly! 

Skooli’s tutors are college graduates and more. Some of them have PhDs too. But you will only be able to see all the information in the tutor profile once you enter your credit card details.

Apart from offering private tutoring sessions, Skooli also offers schools, districts, and organizations an affordable online tutoring platform. It provides academic support for all grades from K-12.

The online-learning environment is friendly with live audio and video. It includes a digital whiteboard with other features to teach effectively.

Princeton Review

best tutoring services for elementary school students #5 - The Princeton Review

Tutoring Service or a Tutor MarketplaceTutoring Service
Format1-on-1 online tutoring and In-person tutoring
Subjects coveredACT, SAT, P/SAT, and GED test prep, AP and IB courses, Math, Science, Humanities, and 80+ other subjects
AgesSchool students, College students, and Adults
Pricing$39.99 per hour for instant help and $83 per hour for customized curriculum.
Trustpilot rating4.5/5
USPPrinceton Review offers 24/7 tutor support! They are available round the clock.
ProsA comprehensive range of test prep options
ConsPrinceton Review’s SAT prep packages are expensive. It starts at $364 per hour.


Princeton Review is one of the finest online tutoring services. The tutors are available online 24 hours a day. The platform offers test prep, homework assistance, and live learning sessions in over 250 topic areas to students ranging from kindergarten to adulthood.

Coming to tutoring, Princeton Review offers 2 specific services: The Academy and LiveOnline Private Tutoring

Academy offers 1-on-1 tutoring service and Homework help service.

Both services cover more than 80+ subjects in Math, Science, English, Humanities, AP Support, International Baccalaureate, Business and Technology, Foreign Languages, and Spanish Language tutoring.

1-on-1 tutoring service is priced at $83 per hour and Homework help service is priced at $39.99 per hour.

LiveOnline Private Tutoring is specially curated for 6th to 12th graders! 

And every tutor is vetted through a rigorous screening process with subject exams, mock tutoring sessions, mentor review, and a third-party background check. 

Their educational qualifications include certified teachers, college professors, and professionals with Masters’s Degrees, Ph.D., and Ivy League credentials.

The tutors teach on an interactive platform that allows students and tutors to take notes right on the teaching slide. You can also connect with your tutor at any time. The sessions are also recorded so you can refer to them when you need to revise!

The tutors at Princeton Review offer assistance in Math, Science, Social Science, History, and Business.

The service offers 3 packages: 

  • $75/hr for 60 hours
  • $83/hr for 24 hours
  • $100/hr for 6 hours

Students who struggle with specific subjects or homework and require extra guidance may find this to be very helpful. 

The parent portal is one benefit that parents of elementary school children may appreciate. The Princeton Review updates parents on their child’s academic progress by giving them remarks and progress reports.

Best tutoring services for elementary school students: A Summary

Tutoring can be a great way to help elementary school students who are struggling. A good tutor can provide individual attention and instruction, and they can help students to understand the material in a way that makes sense to them.

There are many different tutoring services available, so it is important to do your research and choose the right platform for your child. When choosing a tutoring service, you should consider the student’s needs, the tutor’s qualifications, the tutoring style, and the cost.

With so many great tutoring services available, there is no reason why every elementary school student cannot succeed. By choosing the right tutoring service, you can help your child to reach their full academic potential.

Here are some additional tips for finding the best tutoring service for your child:

  • Ask your child’s teacher for recommendations. Teachers often have experience working with different tutoring services and can give you valuable insights.
  • Read online reviews. This is a great way to get feedback from other parents who have used the service.
  • Schedule a free consultation. This will give you the opportunity to meet with the tutor and see if they are a good fit for your child.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is one-on-one elementary school tutoring good for elementary school kids?

We know that the grasping capability differs from student to student. As per data provided by The New York Times in 2019, only 35% of 4th Graders were proficient in reading. This shows that reading proficiency has become stagnant and it leaves children behind if they don’t get help early on.

In the initial elementary years, the focus is on Reading and Math proficiency. Enrolling your child in private tutoring sessions early on is beneficial!

Students who learn according to their own pace require additional support to fully reach their capability. They may not be comfortable asking questions in class.

How can children improve their performance in elementary school through tutoring?

According to data published by ‘Evidence That Tutoring Works’ by the US Department of Education 2001: Children who are enrolled for tutoring in elementary school have a high academic impact!

Here are some of the benefits that tutoring offers for elementary children:

*Customized learning
*Improves understanding of concepts
*Builds more interest and confidence to learn the subject by themselves

How many times a week should elementary school students take tutoring sessions?

As per a research published by National Student Support Accelerator in ‘Tutoring Program Model Dimensions Planning Tool’: Younger students who are in elementary school may benefit from shorter but more frequent tutoring sessions (i.e. 20 minutes, 5 times a week).

Young children cannot sit for long durations without frequent breaks.

So the best option to make them learn effectively would be through 20 minutes a day, 5 times spread across the week.

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