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Expert Fusion 360 Tutor dedicated to simplifying complex concepts and explaining every topics while solving the doubts. With 13 years of tutoring experience for students of all levels. Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

About me

I am a mechanical design engineer with over 13 years of experience in the design field working at various institutions such as Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham - Centre for internet studies and Artificial Intelligence. CISAI, Ammachi labs, Global Exports and Cochin CADD Centre. My notable achievements have been in design, development and manufacturing of haptic simulators for skill training that are being used by leading construction companies like Larsen & Toubro to train their personnel in various vocational skills. I am also actively involved in various volunteer activities with Ayudh, the youth wing of MA Math

experienceExperienced Tutor

Anirudh M is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on Fusion 360, Fusion 360, Solidworks.

Teaching methodology

Traditional Classroom Instruction:

Lectures: Instructors can deliver lectures to explain CAD concepts, tools, and techniques.
Hands-on Practice: Students can work on CAD exercises and projects during class.
Q&A Sessions: Allocate time for students to ask questions and seek clarifications.

Project-Based Learning:

Assign real-world CAD projects that require learners to apply CAD skills to solve practical problems.
Encourage creativity by allowing students to design their own projects.
Provide guidance and feedback throughout the project's lifecycle.

Scaffolded Learning:

Start with basic CAD concepts and gradually introduce more advanced topics.
Ensure that learners have a strong foundation before moving to complex design tasks.

Problem-Solving Approach:

Emphasize problem-solving by presenting learners with design challenges.
Encourage them to analyze problems and use CAD tools to find solutions.

Levels Taught Upto




Can also teach

  • Solidworks
  • Fusion 360

Anirudh  M - Fusion 360 Tutor

Anirudh M

tutorFusion 360 Tutor

Hourly rate

$ 31/hr


13+ years

Student nationalities

USA, Canada, Australia, UK

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