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Highly acclaimed HTML Tutor with over 4 years of online tutoring experience, catering to students from high school to university levels. Offers test preparation and project assistance. Having a master's degree.

About me

Meet Sagun, a highly skilled Python developer with an impressive Four years of experience in the circuit board industry, where he specializes in streamlining processes through automation with Python scripts. Holding a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering, Sagun is not only grounded in complex engineering principles but is also advancing his expertise by pursuing a master's in Machine Learning (Data Science), positioning himself at the forefront of technological innovation.
Sagun's mastery of programming languages extends beyond Python to include SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, making him a versatile asset in the field of software development. He stands out not just for his technical abilities but also for his commitment to sharing knowledge. Sagun has a unique talent for teaching, offering personalized guidance ranging from basic to advanced concepts in Python and SQL. Whether you're looking to understand the fundamentals or dive deep into complex topics, Sagun can navigate you through the learning process with ease.
Furthermore, Sagun is proficient in Flask, a valuable skill for those looking to develop web applications. His broad skill set ensures he can handle a variety of tasks, from website design to backend development. For students or professionals needing assignments completed within tight deadlines, Sagun offers his expertise to ensure high-quality work delivered on time.
Living in Los Angeles, CA, Sagun is at the heart of innovation, where technology meets creativity. His approach to problem-solving is not just about finding solutions but about ensuring efficiency, scalability, and sustainability. If you're looking for someone who can contribute significantly to your projects, teach you in-depth programming skills, or assist you in meeting critical deadlines, Sagun is your go-to expert. With his combination of technical proficiency, educational pursuit, and a commitment to teaching, Sagun is poised to make significant contributions to the tech industry and beyond.

experienceExperienced Tutor

Sagun S is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on HTML, HTML, CSS, Microsoft Excel, R, SQL.

Teaching methodology

Sagun provides expert Python and SQL tutoring tailored to individual learning needs, catering to both beginners and advanced learners. With a focus on practical applications, his sessions cover basic concepts to complex programming techniques, including Flask, HTML, and CSS. Sagun also offers assignment and homework assistance, ensuring timely completion with an emphasis on understanding and application. Based in Los Angeles, CA, he is committed to effective learning through regular feedback, making his tutoring sessions highly beneficial for students seeking to enhance their programming skills.

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  • Microsoft Excel
  • CSS
  • HTML
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Sagun  S - HTML Tutor

Sagun S

tutorHTML Tutor

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4+ years

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USA, Canada, Australia, UK

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