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Expert Computer Science tutor handling various students from countries like US, UK, CA. Hold a degree of Master's in data science. Having around 2 years of tutoring experience. Gives regular feedback.

About me

Hello there! I'm Vivek Sharma, a passionate and dedicated tutor with a flair for mathematics and coding. Armed with a Masters's degree in Data Science and Analytics, my journey into the world of numbers and algorithms has been nothing short of exhilarating. I find immense joy in unraveling the beauty of mathematics and exploring the endless possibilities that coding opens up. My tutoring philosophy revolves around making the complex seem simple. I believe that anyone can grasp the intricacies of mathematics and coding with the right guidance. From the basics to the advanced, I'm here to be your companion on this learning adventure. One of my true loves is data—whether it's crunching numbers, uncovering patterns, or creating insightful visualizations. I am captivated by the vast world of data analysis and data science. Through engaging lessons, I aspire to instill the same enthusiasm in my students, helping them navigate the exciting landscape of data-driven insights. Proficient in languages like Python and SQL, I bring hands-on experience with data manipulation, analysis, and visualization. Additionally, I'm well-versed in cloud technologies, particularly AWS (Amazon Web Services), enabling me to teach the latest industry practices and trends. Beyond the conventional, I thrive on exploring new technologies, staying abreast of the ever-evolving tech ecosystem. Whether it's diving into the world of machine learning, exploring advanced data warehousing techniques, or leveraging serverless computing, I'm committed to empowering my students with the skills needed to thrive in today's dynamic tech landscape. Let's embark on a journey together, where the joy of learning meets the thrill of mastering mathematics, coding, and the fascinating realm of data. Join me in turning challenges into triumphs and transforming complexities into stepping stones toward success! Ready to dive into the world of numbers and code? Let's make learning an exciting voyage! Feel free to reach out, and let's explore the boundless possibilities together. 

experienceExperienced Tutor

Vivek S is one of our best tutors with rich experience in tutoring students on Computer Science, Computer Science, Databases, HTML, SQL, Web Development.

Teaching methodology

At the heart of my teaching philosophy is a commitment to fostering an environment of curiosity, exploration, and practical application. Here's a glimpse into my teaching methodology: Foundations First: Before delving into complex concepts, I ensure a solid foundation. Understanding the basics is crucial, and I take the time to explain fundamental principles with real-world examples to make learning relatable and engaging. Hands-On Learning: Theory comes to life through hands-on experience. I integrate practical exercises, coding challenges, and real-world projects into lessons. This not only reinforces theoretical knowledge but also hones practical skills essential in professional settings. Customized Learning Paths: Recognizing that each student learns differently, I tailor my approach to match individual learning styles. Whether you're a visual learner who thrives on diagrams and charts or a hands-on learner who prefers coding exercises, I adapt to your unique needs. Interactive Sessions: Learning is a dynamic process, and I encourage active participation. Interactive discussions, Q&A sessions, and collaborative problem-solving are integral to my teaching approach. I create an inclusive space where questions are welcomed and discussions are encouraged. Real-World Applications: Theoretical knowledge gains value when applied to real-world scenarios. I connect concepts to practical applications in the industry, providing insights into how skills learned in the classroom translate to success in professional settings. Continuous Feedback: Feedback is a cornerstone of improvement. I provide timely and constructive feedback, celebrating successes and identifying areas for improvement. This iterative process ensures a continuous learning journey. Stay Current with Technology Trends: The tech landscape evolves rapidly, and I stay current with the latest technologies and industry trends. I integrate these advancements into the curriculum, preparing students not just for current challenges but also for the future. Encouraging a Growth Mindset: Learning is a journey, not a destination. I instill a growth mindset in my students, emphasizing the importance of resilience, perseverance, and the understanding that mistakes are stepping stones to mastery. Join me in an educational journey where theory meets practice, and each lesson propels you toward proficiency and success. Let's unlock your potential together! ????

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  • HTML
  • Databases
  • Computer Science
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Vivek S - Computer Science Tutor

Vivek S

tutorComputer Science Tutor

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$ 35/hr


2+ years

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USA, Canada, Australia, UK

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