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Visual Basic is an event-driven programming language. Microsoft developed this language with a graphical user interface (GUI). GUI helps programmers to modify code by dropping and dragging objects. Visual Basic creates type-safe.NET apps. Visual Basic is free and built on open source. It allows programmers to write the program for Windows Operating System. Visual Basic got its environment from Microsoft.

Private Visual Basic Tutoring

Visual Basic is the programming language used by programmers worldwide. Students who learn Visual Basic have lots of opportunities in the IT sector. Visual Basic deals with commands and many different concepts so students need proper support and guidance in learning Visual Basics.

Private tutors help students to grasp the different concepts of Visual basics. The guidance provided by private tutors helps students to enhance their knowledge of core concepts. Students can learn Visual Basics in a  one-to-one private setting. Private tutors offer flexible time schedules for students to enjoy learning Visual Basics at their convenient time. Private tutors help students gain good learning experiences. 

Important Visual Basic Commands

The important Visual Basic Commands are:

  • Len. Function. 
  • Left. Function. 
  • Right. Function.
  • Trim. Function. 
  • LCase. Function. 
  • String. Function.
  •  Chr. Function. 
  •  Asc. Function.

Visual Basic Important Concepts

The important Visual Basic Concepts are:

  • 64-bit Visual Basic for Applications Overview
  • Avoid naming conflicts
  • Call procedures with the same name
  • Call Property procedures
  • Call Sub and Function procedures
  • Create object variables
  • Create Recursive procedures
  • Declare arrays
  • Declare constants
  • Declare variables
  • Execute code when setting properties
  • Loop through code
  • Make faster For…Next loops
  • Pass arguments efficiently
  • Return strings from functions
  • Understanding Automation
  • Understanding conditional compilation
  • Understanding named arguments and optional arguments
  • Understanding objects, properties, methods, and events
  • Understanding parameter arrays
  • Understanding scope and visibility
  • Understanding the lifetime of variables
  • Understanding variants
  • Understanding Visual Basic syntax
  • Use arrays
  • Use constants
  • Use data types efficiently
  • Use Do…Loop statements
  • Use For Each…Next statements
  • Use For…Next statements
  • Use If…Then…Else statements
  • Use parentheses in code
  • Use Select Case statements
  • Use the Add-In Manager
  • Use With statements
  • Visual Basic naming rules
  • Work across applications
  • Write a Function procedure
  • Write a Property procedure
  • Write a Sub procedure
  • Write assignment statements
  • Write data to files
  • Write declaration statements
  • Write executable statements
  • Write Visual Basic statements

Advantages of Hiring Visual Basic Programming Tutors

  • Tutors help students to grasp important concepts of Visual Basics.
  • Private tutors enhance students’ coding skills.
  • Students can improve their confidence in coding.
  • Students can get individualized attention in a one-to-one setting.

How to Find Private Tutors Near Me?

Visual Basic contributes to the rapid development of Windows applications worldwide which is why people are interested in learning this skill which in return has increased the demand for tutors among students. Students can find good Visual basic tutors with a simple Google search. Students can search “Visual Basic Programming tutors near me”, or “Private tutors near me”. Compare the results and select tutors that match your needs and requirements the best.

At Wiingy, our verified programming tutors teach students with a personalized approach so that the students can master the Visual Basic concepts. Students can also get help with assignments from our tutors. Our tutors teach students concepts with detailed and clear-cut explanations. Request a free demo to know more about Wiingy.

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