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About Solidworks

Did you ever think about how gadgets and smartphones have a compact design? How does the keyboard of our laptop withstand the pressure we exert? Solid Works is a 3D software specially used by engineers to design and analyze their created models using solid modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering programs used to design such beautiful things. Mechatronics (a combination of electronics, robotics, computers, and control systems) acts as the backbone to innovate and develop beautiful gadgets, smartphones, etc that are used in our day-to-day life with compact design.

Key Solidworks Concepts:

Solidworks is an advanced modeling software. The key building blocks of Solidworks are:

  • Concept design.
  • Detailed Part and Assembly Design.
  • Structural and thermal analysis.
  • Motion studies.
  • Tolerance Analysis.
  • Engineering Drawings.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Inspection 

Solidworks Tutors

Solidworks is a unique software that helps engineering students to build robust electrical and mechanical elements and helps students to plan, visualize, and model mechanical elements like robots, machines, and prototypes in the initial stage. 

Solidworks helps engineering students to analyze the fully functional mechatronics system effectively. Solidworks is a great program for engineers to design, analyze and execute the imaginary model that they dream of. 

Solidworks is a deeply specialized field and Solidworks tutors are hard to find. Expertise in Solidworks is built through months and months of practice and experienced solid works tutors can help bring your ideas to life. Solidworks tutors typically provided classes for university and postgraduate students enrolled in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, or product design streams. 

Benefits of Learning from Solidworks Private Tutor

  • Students can enhance their fundamental knowledge in Solidworks.
  • Students can build their robust mechatronics system with a clear-cut understanding of each concept.
  • Students can enhance their knowledge in Solidworks to design and execute their imaginary models.
  • Private Solidworks tutors provide one-to-one interactive classes where students can interact and get instant solutions to their doubts. This helps students to learn Solidworks with clarity.
  • Private Solidworks tutors are experienced in analyzing students’ strengths and weaknesses which can help students reach their 
  • Solidworks teacher guides students to implement the concepts that they learn in Solidworks practice example models.

How do I Find a Solidworks Tutor Near Me?

Engineering and Science students should have a clear-cut understanding of each area of Solidworks. You can search “Solidworks tutor near me”, “private Solidworks teacher” and “Online Solidworks teacher” in Google Search. Look out for the results and book a Solidworks trial class or demo class with a private tutor. 

At Wiingy, we onboard teachers through a rigorous process with a <3% selection rate so you get only highly experienced and qualified Solidworks tutors. Our tutors can help you start your Solidworks journey and turn into a pro. Our Solidworks tutor can help you navigate complex assignments or help you understand a specific topic that you understand. Book a demo class to experience the personalized approach of our private Solidworks tutors to learn better.


Can I learn Solidworks on my own?
Yes, you can learn Solidworks on your own with the resources available online. But these resources are typically designed to explain specific topics and they don’t cover all the concepts of Solidworks in a step-by-step manner. Engineering students particularly those in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, or robotics need knowledge of Solidworks to design a mechatronics system. Given the complexity of Solidworks students who want to learn Solidworks effectively can opt for a private Solidworks tutor.

Where can I learn Solidworks for free?
Students can learn Solidworks for free through many online resources. Students can find many Solidworks tutorial videos and lectures on youtube. Students can also get access to learning resources via free trial classes or demo classes offered by many tutoring platforms. However, for students looking for a comprehensive program covering all key capabilities of Solidworks, it’s best that they opt for paid Solidworks tutors who provide a structured learning program. 

How to find online Solidworks classes for beginners?
There are many simple ways to find online Solidworks classes for beginners. Students can search for “Solidworks private tutors”, “Online Solidworks classes for beginners”, and “Online Solidworks tutors” on Google. You need to filter the results and check whether the tutors provide tutoring for beginners and how effective they are in teaching fundamentals. This will help you in narrowing down to a Solidworks tutor for beginners.
At Wiingy, our well-designed curriculum for Solidworks covers all the fundamental topics and helps students to enhance their understanding of basics.

How to learn Solidworks online?
Students can learn from the best online private tutors. Students have to do a simple search on Google for “Solidworks online tutor” and “online Solidworks classes”. So, students can find many online tutors who provide online one-to-one classes. Compare with the other private tutors and choose the best Solidworks online classes. This process helps you to kick-start your learning process online. At Wiingy, we provide one-to-one interactive online classes to teach Solidworks with a personalized approach.

Can tutors help me with my Solidworks assignment?
Tutors can help you understand the concepts that can help you crack your assignments. At Wiingy, our private Solidworks tutors can help students understand the key concepts of Solidworks that they can apply to their assignments. 

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