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JavaScript is a text-based programming language used by programmers worldwide for web development and to keep web pages interactive. JavaScript acts as a major source for interaction between the server side and client side. The engines of JavaScript were originally used in web browsers, servers, and different applications. JavaScript is also known as JIT just-in-time compilation which means it provides compilation while the programmer is coding. Majority of the web browsers have dedicated JavaScript engines to execute the code on user devices. JavaScript is a high-level programming language that conforms to the ECMA script standard for better interoperability across different browsers.

Key JavaScript Programming Topics

Key Javascript concepts that students should know in Javascript programming:

  • IIFE(Immediately Invoked Function Expression)
  • Scope
  • Hoisting
  • Closures
  • Callbacks
  • Promises
  • Async & Await

Online JavaScript Tutors

Javascript is a programming language that includes various complex concepts to enable web page interactions. You should have a sharp understanding of Javascript to ensure the web pages are interactive.

Online tutoring is a great way to learn JavaScript. Prior knowledge of coding /Java is helpful but not necessary. Students with prior knowledge of Java will find JavaScript quite easy. A structured study program under Online JavasScript Tutors can help students develop strong coding fundamentals through a mix of theory and practical examples.

Benefits of Learning from JavaScript Tutors Online

  • Students can interact with JavaScript programming teachers in live class and get answers to their doubts quickly.
  • With a private JavaScript tutor, students get individual attention and learn the concepts faster.
  • Online private JavaScript tutoring will enable students to solve their assignments by applying the concepts that they have learned during online classes taught by JavaScript teachers.

How do I Find a JavaScript Tutor Near Me?

You can chose a tutor near you for in-person tutoring or online tutors for learning JavaScript. You can search on Google for “Javascript tutor near me” and “JavaScript online private tutors”. You can also specify the detailed topic for which you need tutoring support.

At Wiingy, we have a rigorous process of onboarding tutors. Only 3% of applicants qualify to become a verified Wiingy tutor. Our tutors bring in only academic experience but professional experience in coding with top technology organizations.

FAQs for Online JavaScript Tutors

What is the going rate for private JavaScript tutors?
Private tutoring rates vary based on experience and tutoring skills. As per the data collected in the USA, the going rate for a private tutor is between $40 and $100 on average. 

How much does it cost to hire a private JavaScript tutor?
Private tutor costs vary based on their experience and tutoring skills. Verified and certified private tutors are in-demand because of their tutoring methodology in the subjects and concepts that they tutor. So, an online private tutor will cost $40 to $60 per hour on average.

How to learn JavaScript?
JavaScript is a text-based flexible and powerful programming language used to design interactive web pages. You can learn JavaScript by yourself or by signing up for an online coding classes from tutors. Prior knowledge of Java is helpful but not necessary. If you are new to coding, you will benefit from online tutoring lessons to learn JavaScript.

What is JavaScript syntax?
The set of rules used to check whether the JavaScript program is correctly structured. JavaScript allows two types of values. They are fixed values and variable values. Fixed values are also known as literals and variable values are known as variables.

How to find JavaScript tutors near me?
A short Google search will help you choose the best JavaScript teachers. Use phrases like “JavaScript tutors near me,” “best online JavaScript tutor,” and “college JavaScript tutor online,” in Google to get the results of top tutors. Filter the results based on your criteria of fee and timings. You can now narrow down the results based on the tutors qualifications, experience and student reviews. In many cases tutors offer free trial sessions. You can sign up for a free trial session with your shortlisted tutors to finalize the tutor of your choice.

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