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Python Tutor for High School Students: Laxmi

Best Python Tutor: Laxmi Hingmang

I’m an engineer with a master’s in computer science and am also a python tutor for High school students as well as University students. I’ve worked with python and other programming languages for more than 7 years in the IT sector. I assist students with their assignments and competition preparation. I regularly interact with the parents to take their feedback and share the class progress. Most of my classes are project-based which helps my students in learning python better. a practical approach to learning python is what I strongly believe and teach my students accordingly.

Several of my students have already made strong progress in their academics, which is proven through their improving scores and conceptual understanding. So, I can assure you of a great result from my tutoring.

Educational Qualifications of the Python Tutor

I am an engineer with a Masters’s degree in computer science and technology and have more than 7+ years in the IT Industry working on Python. I teach students from primary to university levels. Exam/homework help.

I am a teaching enthusiast who loves to interact with young students, understanding their wild imaginations and encouraging them to think out of the box. I am a lifelong learner who enjoys exploring new methods of teaching. I have experience teaching students of all levels and backgrounds.

Experience of the Python tutor

I have been a python tutor for High School students as well as University students for the last 4+ years to students from different countries. I strongly believe students need to understand the basic concepts and this will help them get better results and understand further concepts.

My teaching methodology includes real-life application of programming language concepts. I design the classes as per the needs of the student so that they get maximum improvement. Most of the classes are having small quizzes to make the class more effective. I also provide assignment help. If you are looking for a python tutor near me then I can surely help you.

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" I took the python session from her and we had the classes. Laxmi has a great understanding of coding. I enjoyed the classes thoroughly. The way of teaching is so amazing. I show all those projects to my friends. I am now taking her Java classes. She is the best. "

Ava Anderson

Biloela, QLD

" She is the best teacher for Python, I have learned a lot from her, She is full of knowledge and is also very friendly. "

Thomas Martin


" Laxmi takes the class very well. Especially the post-class quiz she takes is something i can know how much i have learnt in the class. I love attending her classes. "

Benjamin White

Sydney, NSW

" Wiingy teacher are very good in teaching they have so much knowledge and the fun they bring in class makes the class very interesting. "