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NAPLAN Tutor near me : Nupur

Top-Notch Naplan Tutor: Nupur

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. And my love of teaching has made me offer NAPLAN exam tutoring to School students. I have 7+ years of offering tutoring classes to students where I dealt with sessions on Punctuation, grammar, reading & Writing, etc. Some of the students have exhibited good scores for that exam. If you are thinking that I need the best NAPLAN Tutors near me in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, or any other Australian city. Then do join my classes and improve your NAPLAN score with me at the earliest as possible. I have received numerous awards and I am also placed among the top 10 tutors.

Educational Qualifications of this NAPLAN Tutor

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. My passion for teaching made me offer part-time NAPLAN tutoring classes to School students. Before the start of the tutoring session, a detailed learning plan is made as per the learning requirements, and based on that regular classes are conducted. After every class, classroom notes are shared with the students.

Experience in NAPLAN Tutoring

I have taught about 150+ students in my 7 years of teaching and most of my students have gotten improved results in the NAPLAN exam with good scores. My teaching classes are very fun-filled and interactive where I give lots of opportunities for my students to speak up about their thoughts & opinions. With the help of various visualization tools, I convey complex things in a simplified manner for my students to have a better understanding of various concepts. I have been tutoring NAPLAN for different cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth as well.

Certifications of This NAPLAN Tutor

  • I am a certified NAPLAN, English and Maths Tutor.
  • I have completed various courses in Numeracy Tests, Reading Comprehension, and Punctuation from Coursera and Udemy.

Subjects Covered by This NAPLAN Tutor

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" My son had a great experience learning from Nupur. She is a really knowledgeable person and teaches very well. "

Theodore Smith

Ipswich, Brisbane

" Good teaching material. Interesting quizzes and assignments. Flexible schedule. Affordable fees. Keep it up Wiingy! "

Hazel Campbell

Sunnybank, Brisbane

" Good quality teaching experience at reasonable pricing. Very knowledgeable teachers and quick doubt resolution. "

Harry Martin

Robina, Gold Coast

" Wiingy has a very good team of tutors. Teachers are experienced and lessons are very interactive. Strongly recommended. "

Sarah Jones

Darwin, Northern Territory