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Maths tutor : Prerit Jain

Meet Prerit Jain | One of the Best Maths Tutor in Australia

My entire academic career, I have been a school and university top student. I work with students from the US, Canada, and the UK also. So, when it comes to delivering a great result I am very very confident in bringing this to the student. I put a lot of emphasis on conceptual comprehension and take a lot of practice exams. Many of my students have been accepted into reputable private institutions thanks to their impressive improvements.

If needed I schedule a parent-teacher conference once a month to discuss the student’s progress. You may anticipate from my lessons an energetic classroom with a heavy emphasis on academic improvement. Contact us if you are looking for an online maths tutor in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or any other Australian City.

Education Qualification

I pursued a dual degree in industrial engineering (Bachelor’s and Master’s). Deep knowledge of physics and maths is required for this. I wanted to impart my knowledge to my students in order for them to have successful academic careers because I have a deep passion for academia.


I have tutored more than 350 individuals so far in both brief and lengthy sessions. Nearly all of the students have appreciated and benefited much from my tutoring. They’ve been learning from me for more than 1.5 years in several cases. I have worked with a few NGOs to help them in setting up their education institutes. I have been a maths tutor in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and various other Australian Cities.

Maths Tutoring Subjects

I cover all maths topics for Primary, Elementary, and High school students like-

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" I have taken Wiingy Maths tutoring last year for my son Noah who is in Year 7 and it is a great experience. Prerit helped him understand the difficult concepts and helped him with homework as well. The class was super fun for Noah. We will highly recommend Wiingy Maths Tutors. "

Olivia Brown


" Wiingy Maths is really fun. Tutors are very knowledgeable and teaching methodology is also as per the need of the student. Grace was having difficulty with Algebra and after the tutoring, she gained her confidence and doing really well. "

Harper Lee

Chatswood, Sydney

" I tried in different places but wiingy maths tutors are one of the best I found. Very professional, understands the requirements, learning plan is customized and flexible with time. I saw a good improvement of maths in my daughter Ruby. I like the tutor. "

William Taylor

Eastwood, Sydney

" Prerit is an expert tutor. his style of teaching is very student-friendly. Henry enjoyed his classes and his grades improved. He is currently taking NAPLAN test preparation from him. Good tutor. "

Alexander Thompson