Refund Policy

We are committed to providing a superlative learning experience to our learners. However, at any point, if you find that your kid’s learning experience is not what you expected, please email your cancellation request to us at

For students enrolled after 1 Jan 2022

  1. You are eligible for 100% refund up to a duration of 2 classes or 15 days from the course start date whichever is lesser.
  2. Refunds will be processed within 15 days from the date of receipt of your formal cancellation request at
  3. Refunds will be processed to the same account from which payment was made to us.
  4. Cost of robotics kit if any provided with the course is non refundable.

For students enrolled before 1 Jan 2022

  1. You are eligible for refunds based on the unused credits in a course.
  2. The total credits in a course is equal to the number of classes in a course.
  3. Used credits are calculated as number of weeks from the date of registration * 2 classes per week. Note that this is irrespective of number of actual classes taken.
  4. Unused credits is calculated as Total credits minus used credits.
  5. Value of credit is computed based on the course purchase price less the kit cost (if any).
  6. Cost of robotics kit if any provided with the course is non refundable.
  7. Scholarships/discounts provided at the time of enrollment are non refundable.

Illustration for a sample refund calculation

A.Course fee paid for 48 class courseINR 35,999B.Kit price included in the course feeINR 6,999C.Tution fee net of kit costINR 29,000D.Total credits (no of classes in the course)48E.Value of each credit (C/E)INR 604F.Registration date05.04.2022G.Cancellation e-mail date17.05.2022H.Days from registration date (G-F)42I.Weeks from registration date (H/7)6J.Used Credits (I*2)12K.Unused Credits (D-J)36L.Value of unused credits (K*E)INR 21,750M.Scholarship/discount reversal (if any at time of enrolment)INR 8,000N.Net refund to be processed (L-M)INR 13,750