What are the Best Online Resources to Learn Scratch Programming?


Scratch Programming is one of the world’s best-known coding platforms, designed especially to help children learn about coding by creating different types of creative projects, like animations, games, etc. With the world becoming more digital and virtual with time, it is important that children have a basic education in these digital technologies. In this blog, we will discuss different platforms from where children can learn Scratch programming.

What is Scratch Programming?

Scratch is a high-level block-based visual programming language, primarily used by children (aged 8–16) across the globe to learn coding in a fun and interactive way. As of May 2022, the platform has around 90 million registered users, with 686 million projects ever created and 100 million monthly website visits.

Scratch programming is built essentially for children who are interested in coding and game development. It is a visual programming language that enables children to make different types of fun and colourful projects, which include animations, games, stories, and much more!

It is designed, developed, and moderated by the Scratch Foundation, a non-profit organization. It is suitable for all ages, especially for children above the age of 8, as it helps them learn about the fundamentals of coding with block-based coding in a fun and creative way.

Why is Scratch Programming Useful for Children?

The list of advantages for using the Scratch programming are listed below:

Scratch Nurtures a Child’s Creativity

Scratch is an educational programming language that uses block-based coding to make it fun, colorful, and easy to grasp. When a user creates a project, there are no pre-determined objectives or goals set by the website that need to be fulfilled by the user. This feature allows a user, especially a child, to get creative with their ideas.

Scratch Improves Logical and Analytical Abilities

The main goal of Scratch programming is to teach about coding through a fun, interactive, and practical method. The good thing about learning to code on such an interactive platform is that it enhances one’s logical and analytical skills. The logical stacking of codes enables a character to have any kind of movement. This requires analysing your goals and thinking in a logical way to come up with meaningful projects.

Scratch Encourages Problem-Solving

Scratch programming develops programmatic thinking in children. To make any kind of project, be it games, animations, or stories, kids have to figure out how various parts of their coding can work together. Practicing on this platform will give kids strong problem-solving and organisational skills that are important in learning about coding.

Scratch Helps in Learning the Fundamentals of Coding

By playing with Scratch, children can learn to code through applications. They can make their own games, animations, and stories, set their own objectives for each of these projects, and design their own characters. Children can get their basic knowledge about coding from this platform, which is free of cost, interactive, easy to grasp, and fun to explore.

Excellent for Practical Experiments

Along with a visually appealing user interface, Scratch programming also has some great hardware extensions, which are perfect for someone who likes to experiment and invest their time and energy in practical things. Several companies make hardware sets that integrate with Scratch to create cool projects.

Best Online Resources to Learn Scratch Programming

As Scratch is primarily designed for children, its features and applications are pretty straightforward and easy to grasp by children. Scratchers’ official website itself provides all that is needed for Scratchers to know about Scratch. There are many discussion groups for parents, children, and educators that provide Scratchers with adequate information.


Scratch was created by Mitchel Resnick at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab and has been translated to 70+ languages and is used mostly by children interested in learning about coding. Scratch also has resources and discussion groups meant for helping users with different functionalities of Scratch in order to help them to use Scratch more efficiently. These resources and discussion groups are all free and easy to access. Let us show you how.

There are many ways to learn from Scratch about Scratch! Let’s see what are those;

Scratch Tutorials

Scratch has many tutorials related to different topics, for example, how to animate your name, how to make chase games, etc. All you have to do is log in to your Scratch account. Then you see the homepage of Scratch. Here you can see different options on top of the page, like, create, explore, ideas, and about. Click on ideas, as shown in the image below.

scratch homepage

After that, you’ll be taken to a page with lots of tutorials related to different topics, as shown in the image below;

scratch ideas

You can click on “choose a tutorial” to see different types of tutorials and choose the topic you want to learn. You can also scroll down and find pdfs and links to starter projects if you are a beginner and are looking for detailed steps or project ideas.


On the Scratch homepage, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find different options there. Under the Scratch Family option, click the “ScratchEd” option, as shown in the image below;

After clicking on “ScratchEd,” you’ll be taken to an educational page where you can explore thousands of topics related to Scratch. As you see from the image below, we have clicked on the “resources” option in ScratchEd, and there are so many tutorials on different topics for children, parents, and educators.

You can also click on “discussions” to join open discussions related to a particular topic or question.

Scratch Wiki

At the bottom of the homepage, where you found “Scratch Ed” under the “Scratch Family” category, you can also find “Scratch Wiki” under the “Community” category. The Scratch Wiki is a collaboratively written wiki that provides information about Scratch programming, updates, history, etc. You can access Scratch discussion forums, tutorials, projects, and a lot more for free.

Wiingy- The Technology School

Wiingy describes itself as a technology school for kids. Children learn all about technology here, from robotics, coding, and science. The website offers students private online live classes in small groups so they can learn more about the world of technology. They also have a unique DIY kit included in the robotics course for practical and experiential learning. The courses range from the number of classes to the age of the students, so you can pick the right course for your child.

For Scratch classes, you have to be enrolled in the Coding course, which has 24 live classes and 15+ futuristic STEM projects, and it is for a duration of 3 months. Children will be given the opportunity to learn the practical implications of coding through Scratch programming by creating different games on it. The course is divided into two categories: you have the option of having individual classes or group classes, and the curriculum will be the same for both. Children in classes 2-8 can enroll in these courses, and they are grouped into three categories: first for classes 2-4, then 5-7, and for class 8, there is a separate curriculum.

FAQs on Best Online Resources to Learn Scratch Programming

Q 1: Where can I learn programming from Scratch?
A 1: Scratch has many online resources and communities that can help you learn Scratch programming.

Q 2: How much time does it take to learn coding from scratch?
A 2: It depends on the individual but Scratch is designed for children, who have no prior knowledge or experience in coding, it won’t take long if you are properly guided through it.

Q 3: Are there websites like Scratch?
A 3: Yes, micro:bit MakeCode is one such website that also uses block-based codes. Click here for detailed information on micro:bit.

Q 4: Is Scratch a good way to learn to code?
A 4: Yes, it is the perfect way to get started with coding as it is simple and easy to understand.

Q 5: What’s the difference between Scratch and Python?
A 5: Python is a computer programming language that is text-based, meaning you have to write the codes for yourself which is best for use in high-tech coding. Scratch on the other hand is designed for children to learn the basics of coding and it is block-based coding and easy to understand.

In conclusion, Scratch games are universally played and loved by millions of people, not only programmers. Scratch is very popular among children above the age of 8, who are interested in learning about coding in a fun and interactive way. As it is such a universally accepted platform, it makes it easier for beginners to learn as there are many tutorials, guides, and videos available on Scratch programming which are all free and easy to access.

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