What is the Price of a BBC micro:bit?


micro:bit price: The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces kids to how software and hardware work together. It is an interactive and programmable device that consists of various input-output features such as LED light displays, sensors, buttons, etc. It is also referred to as the BBC micro:bit since the BBC designed the device to encourage young people to become the digital innovators of the future.

A more technical definition could be, “The micro:bit is an open-source programmable hardware ARM-based embedded system.”

How Much Does a micro:bit Cost?

Micro:bit is available as a micro:bit board, as a starter pack containing the micro:bit board, batteries, micro USB cable, and a battery pack, or as a pack of 10 boards for your whole classroom. On average, a starter kit costs around $15.95. The cost of buying a micro:bit, therefore, depends on your requirements.

You can visit the official micro:bit buying site to get the list of all the suppliers all over the world, see the price for your country as per your requirements, and compare the prices between different suppliers.

How To Buy a micro:bit?

micro:bit is available in almost all countries across the globe. Since 2016 in the UK, micro:bit has been distributed for educational purposes, for free, to students above the age of 8 years. The box comes in different sizes depending on its content. You can buy micro:bit in a pack of 10 or just the board or the starter kit containing everything you need to get started with micro:bit.

To buy a micro:bit online, visit the official page of micro:bit buy – microbit.org/buy/. Once you are on the homepage, you will see all the different websites listed from where you can buy micro:bit online. The list is categorized by country as well. So you have to select the country where you want the product to be shipped and then select which website you want to buy it from, as shown in the image below:

buy micro:bit

What are the differences between micro:bit v1 and v2? 

The micro:bit is available in two versions, V1 and V2. In contrast to the earlier V1 revision, the most recent V2 revision includes an integrated speaker and microphone. The core functionality of both versions is the same, and you can continue to use the old version with all the expected micro:bit editors and apps.

Summary of differences between micro:bit v1 and v2 is as below:

Featuresmicro:bit v1micro:bit v2
ProcessorNordic Semiconductor nRF51822Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833
Memory256kB Flash 16kB RAM512kB Flash, 128kB RAM
InterfaceNXP KL26Z, 16kB RAMNXP KL27Z, 32kB RAM
Edge Connector25 pins. 3 dedicated GPIO, PWM, i2c, SPI, and ext. power. 3 ring pins for connecting crocodile clips/banana plugs.25 pins. 4 dedicated GPIO, PWM, i2c, SPI, and ext. power. 3 ring pins for connecting crocodile clips/banana plugs. Notched for easier connection
I2CShared I2C BusDedicated I2C bus for peripherals
Wireless2.4Ghz micro:bit Radio/BLE Bluetooth 4.02.4Ghz Micro:bit Radio/BLE Bluetooth 5.0
Power5V via Micro USB port, 3V via edge connector or battery pack.5V via Micro USB port, 3V via edge connector or battery pack, LED power indicator, Power off (push and hold power button)
Current available90mA available for accessories200mA available for accessories
Motion sensorST LSM 303ST LSM 303
Size5cm(w) x 4cm(h)5cm(w) x 4cm(h)

FAQs on micro:bit Price

The frequently asked questions on micro:bit

What is the micro:bit price?
Visit the official micro:bit buy site for your country’s suppliers. On average, micro:bit starter kit costs around $15.95.

What is the micro:bit board price?
Visit the official micro:bit buy site- https://microbit.org/buy/ to get price information from all the suppliers in your country. Compare the price between these suppliers and buy your product.

What is the micro:bit price in India?
Visit the official micro:bit buy site for India’s suppliers.

What is the micro:bit price in the UK?
Visit the official micro:bit buy site for the UK’s suppliers. Also, micro:bit is distributed to schools free of cost in the UK.

What is micro:bit MakeCode?
micro:bit MakeCode is a simple visual coding language. It has a drag-and-drop interface, which means the codes are in the shape of blocks and can be dragged and dropped onto the editor in order to create and run a script.

What does the micro:bit starter kit contain?
The micro:bit starter kit contains basic products that one might need to get started with micro:bit. micro:bit starter kit contains, micro:bit board, a set of batteries, a battery cage, and a USB cable.

Can you buy a BBC micro:bit?
Yes, you can buy the BBC micro:bit. You need to visit the official buy site https://microbit.org/buy/.

Can you buy micro:bit online?
Yes, you can buy micro:bit online. You can do so by visiting the official buy site https://microbit.org/buy/.

What is the difference between micro:bit v1 and v2?
The difference between micro:bit v1 and v2 can be categorized into different points like memory, interface, power, and available current.

What age is micro:bit for?
micro:bit can be used by children between the ages of 7 to 11 years old.

How many micro:bits have been sold?
In 2020, over 5 million micro:bit devices were manufactured since the launch of micro:bit in 2016. According to the micro:bit educational foundation, micro:bit has reached to an estimated 25 million students in over 60 countries.

micro:bit has many interesting features, and one of them is that it uses many programming languages, like MakeCode, Python, and Scratch, which attracts people of all age groups, from children to pro coders. There are many interesting projects that can be made using micro:bit, like flashing hearts, rocks, paper and scissors, and many more! Buy your micro:bit today and explore.

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